No1-Noah – Tired (Lyrics | Audio)

Lyrics “Tired” by No1-Noah

I feel like theres a war within myself
Feeling like I really need some help
I beg you don’t leave me, by myself
I’ve never been good with farewells
Without me maybe you’ll be doing well

You’ll be better off by yourself
Just let me burn alone in this hell
How I’m feeling you could never tell
Cause I keep it all to myself
Just wanna be forgotten on the shelf

Baby just be happy cause it helps
Baby just be happy cause it helps
And yeah, I wanna live this life

But I’m just tired
I’m just tired, I’m just tired, tired

I know some days you wanna leave
Some days I wanna be deceased
You wouldn’t have to ever deal with me
I couldn’t have to feel this agony
Is it if i told you it’ll be brief
It’ll be over by the time bitches sneeze

Imagine this world without a me
This is not a thought it’s a disease
It helps me make every masterpiece
Everything in here, when you sleep
All I wanna is if you see
The same things that I see

And yeah, I wanna keep on living this life
She asks me if i’m sad, no

I’m just tired
I’m just tired, I’m just tired
Don’t worry about me I’m just tired
Oh I’m just tired
Oh I’m tired, Don’t worry about

➤ Produced by Ocean
Album: Free Drugs
No1-Noah 2018

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