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Lyrics Protect – NLE Choppa

Yeah, NLE the Top Shotta
Got the bombs like Al-Qaeda
I said I’m the booth with pneumonia symptoms
But they might just say it’s Corona symptoms

Reminiscin’ ’bout the old days
Back when the Grizzlies had O.J., yeah
When I had me a bald fade
Wanted all the J’s and I couldn’t get no play
Times fly by when you having fun
But back then I ain’t feel like I had nothin’
Back when a n**ga didn’t need a mask on
But I kept a ski mask and my cash grew long


Mom bumpin’ Jodeci, Jodesay
Pop drink the rosé on a Sunday
I had school on Monday
Contemplatin’ droppin’ out
I was only in the tenth grade
I’m a boss, they was tryna make us leave
A lotta souls been lost since pre-k
Our thoughts create our reality
Confirmation, it came from the CIA
There’s a topic that need to be unmuted
But we will cross that bridge when we come to it
Couple miles away, we ain’t gotta run to it
Marathon gettin’ shorter, we gon’ break through it

I’d rather teach wellness, to kings and queens
Matter of fact, gods and goddesses
I’m pickin’ they brains, put facts in they head
They callin’ me a cosmetologist
Why the Bible similar to astrology
Prophet makin’ prophecies
How many days the sun goin’ down
On the 21st I say about three
Vaccines, the mark of the beast
Can’t put no chip in me
Tryna break spirituality
Tryna f**k up DNA and my genes

Protect the mind and soul
Protect your body too
Don’t leave the house without my crystals
VVS’s can’t protect my soul..②

To make a long story short
You would have to boot the worries in courts
Nothing less, nothing more, playin’ chess with the boards
Tell a n**ga pick the poison, abortion or orphan
Had to take me to Maury
Oh Lord, the majority of the kids I may have been mournin’
Tell me grand risin’, don’t tell me good morning
Words put a spell on my conscience


I’m risin’ in the morning
Had to come fresh with a girl named Lauren
But she was too boring
You know we’re not pouring
Another pain, and in her heart she was storing
Her head’s in the clouds
She was soaring, and she was foreign

Will I ever find love one day
Before they put me in my grave
People been temporary
Can I just get my way, can I just get my way
If you come in my life just stay
Can you stay Baby, stay for me
I changed my ways, did you wait
I hate to say, you didn’t wait for me
All the s**t I’ve felt been fake
It left me baked, call me bakery
Don’t check on me, I’m doin’ fine
Everything been divine, just pray for me

Slow and steady win the race
But I’ve been pickin’ up the pace
I had to lace up my laces
I’m lookin’ behind me
They chasin’, they chasin’, they chasin’
The finish line been awaitin’
The people, they clap and they wavin’
Congragulatin’, praisin’ me
‘Cause I just conquered Satan
I’m praisin’ this feeling, amazin’
I was stuck up in a basement
Then I started elevatin’

Protect the mind and soul
Protect your body too
Don’t leave the house without my crystals
VVS’s can’t protect my soul..②

NLE the Top Shotta
Got the bombs like Al-Qaeda…

➤ Written by Jerry Noriega (Gum$), Motif Alumni & NLE Choppa
Produced by Jerry Noriega (Gum$) & Motif Alumni
NLE Choppa | 2020

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