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Lyrics Bryson – NLE Choppa

NLE the top shotta
I got the bombs like Al Quada
Bryson, Bryson
Everybody loves Bryson
Bryson, Bryson
Everybody loves Bryson

Soul mission, sole purpose ma knew I was worth it
Since the day that I was birthed came out of her lurkin’
Lookin at all of the nurses she said I was special
Knew that s**t there was for certain
I would’ve thought this world was perfect
But it came with some curses


Ay read between the verses if the truth you’ve been searchin’
I woke up I’m alerted I was feelin like a servant
Ain’t apart of this circus my soul been overworkin’
She cant handle my burden but she say she want a Birkin
I fell asleep in churches I ain’t know what he was chirpin’
Within myself I got faith then prayers start unfoldin’
I know that God real but not the way that they had told us

Bryson, Bryson
Everybody loves Bryson
Bryson, Bryson
Everybody loves Bryson

Aye, swing like I’m Tyson but I ain’t doing no fightin’
And I been feeling righteous I’m going through enlightenment
Conscious of a psychic, in between her like hyphens
They sayin’ I don’t know s**t but wait ’til it hit the fan
Groundin’ up in the sand
The work put in I seen dividends
I’m a bigger man, better man I got a better plan
If you don’t understand where’s somebody with some understanding
Pineal gland in my crown and I got the upper hand
Put the blues in rubber bands
I attract abundance

Affirmations daily
That’s why blessings keep on coming in
369 when I wake I write it 3 times
6 times in the daytime
9 at nighttime
Put positive thoughts into your heart
It’ll change your DNA
Negative thoughts they fall apart
Now a n**ga thinkin’ straight
I don’t even smoke weed no more
I put that on the heaven’s gates
Speaking on the heaven’s gates
I know I’m going to heaven mate


I never thought I’d say this but I’m eating on a vegan plate
Don’t take me to chick fil a I’m eating at the grand café
They ain’t even open on Sunday anyway
F**k your dinner date
You are what you eat I’m countin’ green eatin’ celery
I don’t care what nobody else think or say
Self love the best love
Self hate got you outta shape
Distractions all in your face
They tell me when they gone away
Donald Trump the last president
Ain’t no more candidates

Turn my backyard to farm land
But grew up watching gang land
On the block hangin’ I had my drac sangin’
All the negatives you put in
You get it baсk that’s dangerous
Felt like all my karma came back when I got famous
Put the good in you get the good out
I don’t even tote my gun no more
‘Cause I’m knowin’ that I’m good now
Universe keep workin’ for me
Ain’t nobody gonna touch me
They say protect chop at all costs
They need to change the subject

Bryson, Bryson
Everybody loves Bryson
Bryson, Bryson
Everybody loves Bryson..②…

➤ Written by TnTXD, JB, Lamar Keys & NLE Choppa
Album: From Dark to Light
Produced by Lamar Keys, JB & TnTXD
NLE Choppa | 2020

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