Nicki Minaj – Barbie Dreams (Lyrics | Video)

Lyrics “Barbie Dreams” by Nicki Minaj

Uh, mhm
R.I.P. to B.I.G.
Classic s**t

I’m lookin’ for a n**ga to give some babies
A handful of Weezy, sprinkle of Dave East
Man, I ain’t got no type like Jxmmi and Swae Lees
But if he can’t f**k three times a night, peace
I tried to f**k 50 for a powerful hour
But all that n**ga wanna do is talk Power for hours
B-beat the p**sy up, make sure it’s a K-O
Step your banks up like you’re movin’ that yayo

Somebody go and make sure Karrueche okay though
I heard she think I’m tryna give the coochie to Quavo
They always wanna beat it up, goon up the p**sy
Man, maybe I should let him autotune up the p**sy
All these Bow Wow Challenge n**gas lyin’ and s**t
Man, these Fetty Wap n**gas stay eyein’ my s**t
Drake worth a hundred milli, he always buyin’ me s**t
But I don’t know if the p**sy wet or if he cryin’ and s**t

Meek still be in my DMs, I be havin’ to duck him
I used to pray for times like this face-ass when I f**k him
Man, Uzi is my baby, he ain’t takin’ a L
But he took it literally when I said Go to hell
Used to f**k with Young Thug, I ain’t addressin’ this s**t
C-caught him in my dressing room, stealin’ dresses and s**t
I used to give this n**ga with a lisp tests and s**t
How you want the pu-thy Can’t say your S’s and s**t

Dreams of f**kin’ one of these little rappers
I’m just playin’, but I’m sayin’..④

I remember when I used to have a crush on Special Ed
Shoutout Desiigner ’cause he made it out of special ed
You wanna f**k me, you gotta give some special head
‘Cause this p**sy have these n**gas on some special meds
Like Mike Tyson he was bitin’ my s**t
Talkin’ ’bout, Yo, why you got these n**gas fightin’ and s**t
On the, on the real, I should make these n**gas scrap for the p**sy
Young M.A and Lady Luck, get the strap for this p**sy, uh

And I woulda had Odell Beckham bangin’ the cake
‘Til I saw him hoppin’ out of cars dancin’ to Drake
I been a five-star b**ch, man, word to Gotti
I’ma do that n**ga Future dirty, word to Scottie

Had to cancel DJ Khaled, boy, we ain’t speakin’
Ain’t no fat n**ga tellin’ me what he ain’t eatin’
YG and The Game with the hammer yellin’, Gang Gang
This ain’t what I meant when I said a gang bang
Tekashi want a ménage, I said tre-way
Curved him and went the Kim and Kanye way
Em, cop the Barbie Dreamhouse, then you can play the part
I-I ain’t tryna bust it open in the trailer park

Dreams of f**kin’ one of these little rappers
I’m just playin’, but I’m sayin’..④

You know I’m all ’bout them dollars
I be supportin’ them scholars
I let him give me some brain, but he wanted me to ride it
So I said, f**k it, I’m in
He wanna cut like a trim
And if he act like he know
I let him f**k it again

I got them bars, I’m indicted
I’m poppin’, I’m uninvited
I said, Just lick on the clitoris
N**ga, don’t f**kin’ bite it
I ride his , in the circle
I turn Stefan into Urkel
I go around and around
And I’ma go down in slow motion

The-then I pick it up, look at it
I said, Daddy, come get at it, uh
Yellow brick road, he said that I am a wiz at it
Yeah, they want it, want it
You know I flaunt it, flaunt it
I’m a trendsetter, everything I do, they do
Yeah, I put ’em up on it, on it

Dimelo, papi, papi
Yo quiero sloppy, sloppy
I’ll give it to you if you beat it up
Like Pacqui, Pacqui

I-I-I-I’ma kill ’em with the shoe
No ceiling is in the roof
And I’m big, give me the loot
Twelve cylinders in the coupe
I get dome with the chrome
no tellin’ when I’ma shoot
I just bang, bang, bang
Real killas is in my group
Gorillas is in my unit
Vacationin’ where it’s humid
And I shine, shine, shine
Got diamonds all in my cubans
I’m in LA Times more than when n**gas lootin’
And my flow spit crack
I think that n**ga usin’
He done bodied everybody
In closing these b**ches losin’
Usin’, usin’ up a b**ch movin’
No, I ain’t stuttered and no, I ain’t Ruben
Damn, a b**ch snoozin’
Shoutout to my Jews, l’chaim, Rick Rubin
Big fat titties, yes they be protrudin’
I be like, f**k ’em, f**k ’em, bring the lube in
I be like, f**k ’em, f**k ’em, bring the lube in…

➤ Produced by Rashad Smith & Mel & Mus
Album: Queen
Nicki Minaj 2018

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