NGeeYL – Tales of YL (Lyrics | Video)

Lyrics “Tales of YL” by NGeeYL

I live life in them shadows
I’m equipped with ammo
And we shoot like Rambo
My n**gas draped in camo

We poppin’ out the jungle
My n**gas starving, they hungry
Told me and my n**gas had to take it
Now me and my n**gas we greedy

Yeah, put a lil paint on her face
Designer drip, I’m draped
Designer drip, I’m draped
Play with the gang, we say grace

Young n**ga, we eatin’
Y’all n**gas look vegan
Y’all n**gas can’t live my lifestyle
I ain’t seen y’all in a while

Young n**ga been ducked
Been thinkin’ ’bout a truck
Young n**ga gettin’ loads
Y’all n**gas gettin’ old
Money green like mold
In the green like moss
Catchin’ plays, Randy Moss

Ooh, catch a lil play and skrrt off
Skrrt-in’ off with your bae
I’m doin’ the dash all the way
Back, on the way back to the trap
B**ches they know where I’m at
Every day I catch a pack
Catch a pack, I bring it in
It’s a ten, no it ain’t
It’s a twelve, no it ain’t
Fifteen, they’ll thank me

Got a b**ch who from the ‘Nolia, I call her lil saint
And I’m drinkin’ on a whole motherf**kin’ pint
Y’all lil n**gas regular than me and I’m the Legend
But I’m ballin’ like a n**ga that never had s**t

Came in that b**ch, ’05 Michael Vick
Y’all n**gas drinkin’ fake drank, make me sick
Beatin’ out the block, then beat out your b**ch
Young n**ga put a brick on my wrist

Young n**ga run up them bands
Pull out the stick on your mans
Made that n**ga do the dance
Send you a brick in the can

Ooh, stupid bad b**ch, say she Persian
And that chopper cut just like a surgeon
Mix the swag with the gas, go to the mall and splurgin’
They like f**k that dirty bastard
That boy don’t deserve it

That’s why they hate YL
Your b**ch choosin’, I can tell
Thought I was gon’ buy her Chanel
F**ked the b**ch and I peeled
Y’all n**gas get dipped
‘Cause b**ch I’m equipped like Rambo
My young n**ga equipped with ammo
We poppin’ out, n**ga in camo

Damn, Double-S be the brew
F**k the local, put you on CNN news
I beat that pack, that motherf**ker bruised
Damn, pockets on f**kin’ Bruce Bruce

Damn, they want to steal me for my paper
They want to see me like Big was in them papers
I feel like Diddy, see what that dirty money make ya
I got them b**ches doin’ jumping jacks naked

Damn, young NGee
Yeah I’m ridin’ with that D.R.A.C
Yeah, and I’m goin’ stupid
Young NGee, got plenty P’s

Y’all n**ga p**sy, y’all n**ga regular
B**ch I’m big bag, I been havin’ bags
I been havin’ cash, y’all lil n**gas sad
Do the f**kin’ dash, skrrt
Do the dash b**ch, skrrt
Skrrt, skrrt skrrt
Bag, b**ch…

➤ Written by NgeeYL
Album: Tales of YL
Produced by Fore’n & JetsonMade
NgeeYL 2018

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