NBA YoungBoy – Step On Shit Lyrics | Video

Lyrics Step On Shit – NBA YoungBoy

Yeah, I remember I was young
I remember we was standin’ behind the mall
I was standin’ one time, you hear me
We standin’ outside as I looked at a n**ga, I told ’em, I say
Only thing, only thing I’m missin’ on is gon’ make everything complete

I need the strength with me
My n**gas just looked at me, yeah
Lookin’ for a f**kin’ lick

Dirty ass n**ga always lookin’ for a f**kin’ lick
Angry ass n**ga always mad it make no f**kin’ sense
Saνage ass n**ga always walkin’ with a dirty stick
Dangerous ass n**ga all he wanna do is step on s**t

Demons see my mama tell you b**ch don’t let your trainer pay
He named his first son draco plus the cild was born on 38
It’s 4k trey, I say nobody say right who gon’ die today
You bought that s**t, well b**ch, we bought the same
It’s gon’ go down this way

You know I’m with the s**t
You say it’s up, we whoop the b**ch
Not down to hold clique
I kill ’em all, ain’t got no pics
Now check the scope up, b**ch
I’m four up with this murder s**t

➤ Written by NBA Youngboy (YoungBoy Never Broke Again)
NBA Youngboy | 2020