NBA YoungBoy – First Day Out Lyrics | 2019

Lyrics “First Day Out” – NBA YoungBoy

Mistreated me not tryin’ to show ’em what think
And why I act the way I act, I gon’ explain it
They did me wrong, now it’s time to leave ’em hangin’
Tried to count me out but now I’m finally change it

Let me out them chains, talking down like I’m a fall
Want me for the change told that b**ch that I’m a dog
I can’t be real when I got money, help out all of y’all
Told me I ain’t s**t so from now on I don’t f**k with y’all

I f**k with shawty really, I can see us bein’ together
But I would never let her treat me like an average n**ga
Whole lot of money it ain’t nothin’ you can have whatever
Someone that loved me pay whatever just to have that feeling

Scared I’m a die keep that Glock everytime I roll
I be hurtin’ deep inside and I swear that they don’t know
Wake up every day and smile and my heart’s so f**king cold
All this money that I got, it ain’t never heal my soul

Before I go to sleep I think ’bout n**gas killin’ me
Can’t stay with Kay, nowhere to sleep, they all abandoned me
I swear that I’ll be on your love like I am a friend
I wanna die, won’t kill myself, that’s by any means

Stay with a Glock that n**ga play, I shoot him in his head
I tell that h*e remember everything you f**kin’ said
Carbon with a drum on the bottom and it’s full of lead
Yellow light, shoot up the car before it turn red

I think my n**gas tryin’ to step on me
My girl been actin’ like she really plan on leavin’ me
Only person really love me is Lil Ben
I don’t want to feel no pain, I wanna die
Hope they could realize then

Yeah yeah yeah
I told my bro I’m thuggin’ ’till the end…

NBA YoungBoy | 2019

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