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Lyrics "Bring 'Em Out" - NBA Youngboy

Bring ’em out for that money on a rush all day
Ain’t no tripping I count it up now
I don’t here nothing they all say
They don’t know I came up from the bottom

But they know that these n**gas be flawsin
She don’t f**k with me because of a dollar
From the hood but shawty a model

If I see the lil’ b**ch I run down on the b**ch
I don’t buss it from out of the car
I got b**ches row seats s on God
Locking in like she a lil boy
Ain’t no holding nun back I go hard
How I live o be playing my cards
On the rear I got bros wit the rods

He gon’ shoot the minute he saw it
He gone take off point in the mozzi
Get the money and f**k on the h*es
Run it up and he stick to the code
Double lord that’s the life he chose
I be stepping in Margielas ‘most

I got Louboutin all over my clothes
On them pills I be tweakin’ my froze
Hunnid hunnid I took straight off his nose
Hunnid hunnid whips straight off his nose
My baby, baby be streamin’ out slat
Spend a check and I’m getting it back
Real gangster riding in a lack
Hand out money so bro get a pack
If it’s K money I give her a bag..


➤ Written by NBA Youngboy
NBA Youngboy | 2019

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