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Lyrics Ugly – Nas

Test, test
Yes, yes, yeah..
It’s ugly outside, it’s muggy, it’s money outside
One hundred and five Fahrenheit, thunderous skies
The clouds shape a clown face above where you reside
Under his eye, teardrop got the ugliest cry

They call my city Gotham City, opposite of pretty
Weatherman cannot predict bullets rainin’ from out the 50
It’s ugly outside, Big L’d be here if it wasn’t
Hell’ll freeze over the day it doesn’t get ugly out

How can we hug it out after we slugged it out
We should be buying acres, adjusting each other’s crowns
That was your brother back then
How could you gun him down

This what I live for, the inventor
The re-invention, I’m reincarnated, see what it hit for
Yo, even your mentor can get you sent for
Get you chipped off if it’s a brick off, you hit a brick wall

Damn, big dawg, dove in that water
And got hit with a cannonball
Ugly Christmas sweater party with no Santa Claus
Companies profit off of black trauma
That’s ugly, mad ugly just like Sheneneh and Wanda

You been through s**t, I been through s**t
Every day is an honor
It’s ugly how Mercedes Morr lost her life to a stalker
I’m on offense every day until I see the love
KD3 on the way, this just to feed the buzz

It’s ugly
It’s ugly
S**t is ugly
Yeah, one time

It’s ugly outside
They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder
I see the envy getting closer through my optics
Knew I had vision before I seen an optometrist
I seen a whole lot of s**t
Never altered my confidence or my consciousness
It’s ugly outside, stay dangerous, stay out the mix

Poppin’ back out on n**gas, homie I’m poppin’ s**t
Kill ’em with no accomplices
Watchin’ my rearview, the envy is obvious
It’s ugly outside, it’s grown men jealous outside
It’s grown a*s women that’ll have you set up to die
You really not a stepper n**ga, just step to the side
While I two-step on a beat, watch a veteran slide

JMJ seen him comin’, wish he ain’t hit the buzzer
Marvin Gaye to Young Dolph, we taking out our brothers
Distorted faces, solemn features, we kill each other
It’s Mr. Ugly Man, Marlon Wayans in In Living Color

It’s ugly
It’s ugly
S**t is ugly
Yeah, one time
It’s ugly
It’s ugly
S**t is ugly

➤ Written by Hit-Boy, Corbett & Nas
Album: Magic
Produced by Corbett & Hit-Boy
Nas | 2022

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