Mystery Skulls – Ghost (Lyrics | Video)

Mystery SkullsGhost (Lyrics | Video)

Versuri (lyrics):

Cause the rain might do me in
It’s all right cause I’m with friends
Cause I’m giving up again
It doesn’t matter

And I’m feeling like a ghost
And it’s what I hate the most
Cause I’m giving up again
And this time (this time, this time)

This time I might just disappear (x4)

Try and hear me then I’m done
Cause I might just say this once
Sayin’ it’s played out in my dream
It doesn’t matter

Time for givin’ up the ghost
For it’s you I hate the most
And there’s no guarantee
It doesn’t matter

This time I might just disappear (x4)

Director: Josh Thomas
Made by: Oh Yeah Wow (
Producer: Nicky Pastore
Cinematographer: Ed Goldner
1st AC: Brad Andrew
Gaffer / Grip: Tom Savige
1st AD: Jack Doherty

Art Director: Christina Remnant
Art Department Assistant: Simon Dall
Wardrobe: Paige Prendergast
Hair and Make-Up: Marleen Olson
Set Construction: Ben Brayshaw
Pool supervisors: Darcy Prendergast, Seamus Spilsbury, Sam Lewis.
SFX & VFX Supervisor/Colorist/Editor: Josh Thomas
SFX & VFX Co-ordinator: Andrew Goldsmith
Priest: Robert Pill
Possessed Girl: Donna Yeatman
Mum: Genevieve Frew
Dad: Max Clark
Old Priest: Karl Peschek
Location: Georgia Anderson
Special Thanks: James Bailey, Michael Greaney, Aster Caplan


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