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Lyrics She a Freak – Mr. Criminal feat. TakeoffLilA, Lil Weirdo

Look it, alright, yeah rare breed
Our type you ain’t never seen us
And got the city hot like we turnt the heat up
And they just throw it all on us when they meet us
She came this way
Because the grass look greener ay

Off them pills .. kicking like FIFA
And yeah we took that boys s**t, he gotta re-up
And I can’t give a b**ch nothin’, like a prenup
And chopper up that little vest, it get hit up
They ain’t for real, yeah them boys faking
Pull up and clear the scene, if we want it vacant
Whoever wanna go there, then we gone take it
Out here working, it just look like vacation


She look good
But she look better naked
She Mexican but she look like she Asian
I see em stealing my sauce
But I ain’t hating
Still in these streets
But they be thinking I made it

Hit the gas on a b**ch
And I never call back
And I don’t mix with you suckas
You b**ches all cap
Gang s**t, we get it jumping
We with all that
Shot shots at your neck
And at your ball cap

I never slack baby
Always got that strap on me
A’s up, I keep it tucked
Come clap at me
I’ll shoot a suckas in his face
If he laugh at me
And this 40 Glock kick off
Finna send em to the past homie

They sleeping on me
I’m the plug
I’m finna wake em up
I got them thotties on me
And I’m spitting tryna see what’s up
They envy us
I know they jealous when we walk through
She got a man
I see em buggin’ trying to call you


S**t I ain’t hating baby
I’m a keep it player
And f**k what they saying
That weak talk is all hater
Ay, if she a dummy, I’m a bait her
I’m a take it to the streets
And I’m a beat that street race

Ain’t no fun if the homies can’t have none
Back it up like juvenile
Baby you a bad one
Gang gang gang
Cause you got a banging body
Listen up mami
Come and let’s get naughty
Probably make me wanna hit it in the lobby
Take it off girl like a robbery
Move like tsunamis
Drip drip on me
Haha, it’s a west side party

Baby make it bounce low
Love the way you twerk that
Baby make it bounсe low
Love the way you twerk that

She so fine
She so naughty
She a freak
Make me crazy
Make me go
Make me weak..②…

➤ Written by TakeoffLilA, Lil Weirdo & Mr. Criminal
Album: Soldier To A Boss
Produced by Omega
Mr. Criminal | TakeoffLilA | Lil Weirdo | 2020

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