Montana Of 300 – Undertaker (Official Music Video)

Lyrics for “Undertaker” performed by Montana Of 300

I put in that work young n**ga livin’ his dreams
I came out them trenches like Sting
Remember them days when I used to sit on them swings
And watch n**gas dealin’ to fiends
They served to my mama wish I had a burner to pop ’em
You don’t know the feeling it brings
I feel like the Hulk I used to have rips in my jeans

But I had to get to the green
I swallowed the odds, because I’m anointed with God
The devil can’t get in between
Gripping my chrome while I sit on my throne
Tell them n**gas come on ain’t no killin’ the king
You’ll die in the summer for talking that s**t in the spring
So fall down like you sipping that lean
If you ain’t from here you the visiting team
You gon’ leave in a stretcher ain’t no limousine, haa

Brace yourself for the truth it may hurt a bit
The good thing about pain is you learn from it
Make sure your desire survives through the fire
The disappointment and discouragement
Better move like you know what your purpose is
Never say die, learn to fly through that turbulence
Stop placing the blame you say it’s God’s
But really you don’t know whose word it is

Gotta know who the serpent is know they oppress us
That b**ch got more game than a tournament
In the church is the prayer from your preacher
That’s program gets paid to perform at the services
If it ain’t ether cancel it verses ain’t tampered with
Rap god and my word is permanent
I pack heat in my head like a perm in it
So you know how I roll like a percocet

One thing for certain is whoever purchased this
Gone say it’s worth it he murdered it
Don’t forget so we know what we working with
If they try it we riot like Ferguson
Earthquake so I step on your stomping grounds
When it come to my kids I don’t f**k around
Do whatever to not hear they stomach growl
Play with mine you gon’ learn how that thunder sounds

B**ch you better be real good at ducking down
Before you know what it’s like to sleep underground
If you’d like then my 40 could dumb it down
I’m so cold I could cool any summer down
Took my time gave it thought like a chess move
Weigh my options then go make my best move
I do this s**t for my fam
I took that shot for my blood like a flesh wound
Never answering questions no press room
Talking foul might get hit with this tech soon
So don’t get me pissed ’cause I’ll go do that s**t
And then go wash my hands like a restroom

Give your b**ch the business like a manager
P**sy pink beat it up ’til it’s lavender
How I f**k she gon’ think he was amateur
I don’t smoke I don’t drink I got stamina
I’m a boss I got all of the sauce
So these hoes in my face want a taste like a sampler
Tell my haters they not my of caliber
I get checks on you squares like a calendar

B**ch I ate off the web no tarantula
Dragon spit now I’m rich as a Lannister
I am killing all rappers it’s massacre
When I drop yo’ Baywatch like she Pamela
Better get out or dodge I ain’t talkin’ ’bout cars
When I tell you I’m whippin’ all challengers
I held onto the Lord and I felt the support
Every step of the way like a banister

Life’s a b**ch but I know how to handle her
I stay strapped down to ride like a passenger
And I’m good with the mop and if I spot a opp
I hop clean on his ass like a janitor
So you better wise up ’cause it’s overdue
Be a fan of reality know the truth
Go look far and look deep like an ocean view
But be cautious when they cannot show you proof

When it seems like it’s hell that you going through
And them devil’s demons got a hold of you
Gotta let ambition take control of you
Watch God open that door and then show for you
So just embrace the pain
And smile in the face of the rain
When them clouds coming over you
And watch who you selling to, not only that, man
You gotta watch who’s on that boat with you

And if they didn’t roll with you
Don’t let them roll with you
Listen, I do not mean smoke with you
And it don’t mean a n**ga won’t snitch
Just because he was broke with you
And he would blow for you
I’ve seen n**gas tell on they homies
Just ’cause they’d feel better
If it was the both of you
And yeah, you love your family and friends
But sometimes it’s important
To let them hear no from you

I stay ready whenever I’m rolling through
When a snake has no options he’ll go for you
Rap god I’m goat to you, bringing that dope to you
You n**gas wish that I wrote for you
Started rapping with bro like we Outkast
Do a show then I feed my account cash
I came up off the floor like a bounce pass
So don’t call me unless it’s about cash

I’m f**king eating no Ramadan
I f**ked a Muslim on Ramadan
I was trapping wasn’t working no nine to five
The pizza I was selling wasn’t no Papa John’s
Selling with my n**gas like I’m a star
Guns and drugs was the s**t that we idolized
I stay ready to blow and this s**t not for sure
B**ch I fire up this pole then I’m popping mine

No talking no sparking there’s blood everywhere
So you already knowing what’s popping, slime
I’ll teach you a lesson with my Smith & Wesson
Boy, don’t make me take you to Columbine
Y’all know how I’m rocking
My rocket got 34 haters
I’m Hakeem Olajuwon
When I slide I’ma blow like a hockey ref
Put his ass in the box if he out of line

Rap god the phenomenon God is my confidant
I’m way too smart to run out of lines
You’ll never see me like Conor McGregor vs. Mayweather in the octagon
I just take names like a dotted line, then go kill everyone I could find
N**gas don’t wanna see me like father time
Pulling up in that van like a soccer mom
Sliding drums in my guns when it’s choppa time
Then I let that b**ch sing like it’s Chaka Khan
My K waving hello, I stay with the metal, was raised in the ghetto
I ain’t finna settle, I came here to bless you
Let’s pray for the devil, he ain’t on my level

Moment of silence, let’s pray for the blind
Someone you never met is who made up your mind
See the way you designed, ain’t the way of the wise
And the way you designed, ain’t the way to survive
It’s either one of two things
Jesus Christ ain’t ever coming or he just like taking his time
Told you earthlings to obey your earthly master
Boy, you don’t see the hate in the lies
And to fear him and tremble as if he was Christ
That ain’t godly that’s Satan disguised…

➤ Produced by Congo Beats
Album: Pray for the Devil
Montana of 300 2018

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