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Lyrics Vagabond – Missio feat. Esoteric of Czarface

I once made you a simple promise
That I would share my dreams with you
Maybe this all became a big mess
When everything I dreamed came true

Hurting people hurt people
It’s hard to understand
There’s a million ways to fix us
Screaming like a broken man

Am I lost in some addiction
Or just chasing state of mind
We are trapped by my ambitions
I don’t mean to sound unkind

Hurting people hurt people
I’m really missing you
But I’m feeling disrespected
From the screaming that you do

I don’t mean to seem weird and distant
You know I fear commitment
Or do I really, D.M. me, call me, I’m here to listen
I was in London beat bumping up at the soundcheck
You say your life’s a movie you ain’t left your town yet

My only baggage Louis, I gotcha back like chewie
But now I’m solo we don’t have to chat about it do we
I’m getting dough what we got is special yes I know
Let’s let it grow that’s the M I double S I O

Back in the game I’m traveling
Back in the van unraveling
Capital gain I dabble in
After the fame I’m cashin’ in or cashing out
Rap performing Tito’s got me passing out
Acid rain comes after the drought
Habit forming that’s no doubt

Gene Simmons way these Swedish women need to kiss ’em
I’m speakin’ wisdom yo these girls they don’t even listen
Overseas we hittin’ up til’ the crack of dawn
Trailblaze till the grass is gone with luсk it’s lasting long
The tears’ll flow to the notes of the saddest song
But for now I gotta go cuz I’m a..

Is that what you want
I’m a vagabond
Is that what you want
I’m a vagabond
Is that what you want
I’m a vagabond
Is that what you want…

➤ Written by Missio
Album: Can You Feel The Sun
Missio | Esoteric of Czarface | 2020

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