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Lyrics Feelinz – Milli Banks & Uncle JoNH III

I’m talking
World domination
Keep the bosses on a leash
The M’s coming
Is the conversation
And boss b!tch
Is the occupation

Cop a squat
For a spot to lay in
I was grinding
Had to learn patience
Skin thick from the pit
Where the fires raging
Try to dim me
But the lights amazing

I was saving graces
And wiping tears from these tired faces
Ain’t no crying
We gone get this paper
The perfect crimes
Got us pulling capers
I been thankful to survive
All these situations
Fighting different cases
Yeah, yeah..

Look how they
Blessing me now
Remember times in them jams
It was stressing me out
Now they knowing who I am
And keep my name in their mouth
Cause my stock is going up
And you can check the account
Gambling with the house money
We invest the amount
Got us swimming in the paper
Till we drowning em out
Yeah, yeah..

I been down but I was never out
Certified and never needed clout
Made it rain even through the drought
All this pain it was leaking out
Had to navigate the trenches
Find a better route
Made a plan and got it right
And left the extra out
I went missing got a bag
And gotta extra count
Like one, two

Sign a check I’m out
Ain’t no time to second guess
Cause it was destined now
Boss Milli say my name
Like I’m Tina’s child
You can sleep
I’m up thinking loud
Thoughts wild like a demon child
The big picture I can see it now

I’m the wrong b!tch
For you to scheme about
Deals over dinner
What you dream about
That’s the only way
That you gone eat me out
So if you in the way
Better beat me out

Neck wrist flash flood
When you see me now
Everybody showing love
When I be around…

➤ Written by Blake Carthan, Alexzandria Duncantell & John Woolridge III
Produced by Uncle JoNH III
Milli Banks | Uncle JoNH III | 2023

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