Mike – Ya Yeah (Lyrics | Audio)

Mike performing Ya Yeah (Official Audio 2016)

Versuri (lyrics) Ya Yeah

Ya Ya Ya.. Ya Ya Ya Yeah..

Ya Yeah.. Ya Ya, Ya Yeah..

I know that you want me
I know that you want me and I want you back
Baby girl you haunt me
Baby girl you haunt my every dream
It can be so lonely
It can be so lonely without you
Come and be my only
Come and be the only one for me

What can I do, you touch me like no other can
And if I go, U know that I’ll always regret
I’m lost in you, I can’t believe I’m not myself
But if I stay, you’ll be the voice inside my head

You got me staring in those blue eyes
This four walls, they will never lie, oh baby

Beautiful, can’t you see
You can be my fantasy

Yeah Yeah Yeah.. Ya Yeah Yeah Yeah..

Pretty face and the right curves
Better than the other girls

Yeah Yeah Yeah.. Ya Yeah Yeah Yeah..

➤ Music & Lyrics : Theea, Dorian Oswin (DOMG)
Mango Records Channel 2016

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