Migos – Position To Win | Lyrics

Lyrics “Position To Win” – Migos

Steppin’ up, always take the risk
Livin’ life, go hard and don’t quit
Drip, splash like the ice on the wrist
That’s a call I can’t miss
Set my goals like a go, hit the switch
Work, work, work, check it off the checklist

In a position to win , in a position to go..④

‘Bout that action
Let’s get active
That’s what I’m askin’
Like what’s happenin’
Skrrt skrrt, but don’t crash it
My diamonds clashin’
Like an accident
I take high risks ’cause I’m passionate
I get it fast, I’m grippin’ the bag, I’m dashin’ it
We ’bout to go undefeated in all of the matches
We did it first, you do it the same, exactly

Woo, woo, woo, woo..④

In a position to win , in a position to go..③
In a position to win , in a position to go

I’m a star player, W’s over L’s
Touch down, the crowd yells
Succeed and we never fail
Whew, we out of here, yeah
Ooh, we gotta prevail
We comin’ to raise hell
They hatin’, they want us to fail
They was sleepin’ on the gang and we bombed on ’em
We got 35 yards on the fourth on ’em
Skrrt skrrt, whew, hah, we outta here, whew, he gone
It’s a touch down, we home versuri.online
Been through the struggle, we strong
Teamwork, dreamwork, nobody did it alone
We hungry, eat to the bone
Nobody can copy and clone
In the position to win
What you gon’ do when you won
We gotta go a lil’ harder
Learn from mistakes, be smarter

In a position to win , in a position to go..④

In a position to win, in a position to go
I’m turnin’ the knob on ten
And pushin’ the pedal the floor
I’m learnin’ from all my losses
I am the player and coach
Look at the dab, it’s awesome
Grab your pad, take notes
I’m on the boat, they ridin’ the wave
With no life vest, come float
I’m in a position, you in a position
What is you complainin’ for
I’m in a position to win
You in a postion to lose for sure
I got back my groove, I’m makin’ a move
And I get the champion dough

We came from the bottom and now we on top
And we just gon’ keep levelin’ up
We here to go platinum and then we go diamond
Go put the gold medal up
And we be rockin’ so much gold
‘Cause we got the Midas touch
Thinkin’ that they in the way
But they know ain’t no competition with us

In a position to win , in a position to go..④

Oh, Huncho did this
DJ Durel…

➤ Written by Tommee Profitt, Quavo, Takeoff, Offset & Daryl McPherson
Produced by Quavo, Tommee Profitt & DJ Durel
Migos | 2019