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Lyrics – MF Doom

Lunch break, special herbs, fries and a sammich
Unleashed on the city, maximize damage
Onlookers all famished, these guys is outlandish
Negro, Spanish, leggo, don’t brandish

Sent the super a nudie
all grill and the booty all groovy
Peach smoothie, who’s the lovely
She thought he’d spoil her, doubt he even call her
Become a baller, see the world get smaller


Straight through the optic, hot s**t
A chocolate, catch a crotch kick for a botched hit
Full capacity, no room for error, such audacity
Villain, the truthbearer
Like when your pops catch you all in the mirror starin’
Scared to death, actin’ like you ain’t even hear him

State of shock, play the block, on his way to cop
Oye, put the raw in the beans, not the tater tots
Outside, it could be young boys tradin’ shots
You could make a lot, stay alert, it’s equator hot
Suntan, mint oil, none ran, they been loyal
Constituents who write and reflect like tin foil

Yeah, this the break
Very nice, very nice
I remember
It’s startin’ to come back to me

Lunch break, prob’ly catch it all in one take
Tiny circle, none fake
Still feel the burn when the sun bake
Lunch break, catch it all in one take
Small circle, none fake
rake dumb cake for fun’s sake
Nice burn when the sun bake


Lunch break, they say be wary of the new guy
Too high, dreamt he got knocked in Dubai
Saw a spry, shy cyclops chick with one blue eye
Too fly, but would you hit that, ooh, my

Draw conclusions, more to mislead in
Suicidal extension cords and wrists bleedin’
His dark folks is lonely, cold, ’tis the season
Lesson, leave bags to self for this reason

Keep faith, electricity, these nouns
Is why at times we end texts with three crowns
And why we load up with jewels like these rounds
Keep a couple of jokes for fools and these clowns

You can catch him at the Barnum
And Bailey, they be wicked on the daily, tryna pardon
Or we could throw boulders at a glass house
Watch her in the kitchen cookin’ nekkid with her ass out
‘Til she pass out…

➤ The Music of Grand Theft Auto Online: The Cayo Perico Heist
Produced by Flying Lotus
MF Doom | 2020

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