Merkules & Kevin Gates – Apply Pressure Lyrics | Official Audio

Lyrics Apply Pressure – Merkules & Kevin Gates

There’s demons inside of me testing my patience
Remember they told me that I’d never make it
But never the less they gon’ mention my name
With the greats stay away from the hate it is contagious

Ain’t goin’ to sleep so I’m pouring a liter
Got so many stripes like my clothes were Adidas
You sink and you swim I was thrown in the deeper
Patron in my system I don’t need a reason


I’m getting too much money I can’t count it
I need about 100K a day as my allowance
VVS diamonds got my whole team shining
Just bought a brand new Rollie
And I don’t care what the time is

➤ Written by Merkules & Kevin Gates
Produced by C-Lance & Aaron Hiltz
Merkules | Kevin Gates | 2020

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