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Lyrics Tomorrow – Meek Mill ft. Yung Ro

Cheese, his name is Cheese
Go, go, go
Yeah, ah, I’ve been in my
I’ve been in my
I’ve been in my motherf**kin’ bag

He say he want smoke with me
I might get him smoked tomorrow
Speakin’ on my dead homies on the ‘Gram
He got to go tomorrow
I be on that money
‘Cause all that violence I might go too far
If I be honest, I ain’t really respond
‘Cause I ain’t even knowin’ y’all

Pretty thing suckin’ all on this D until she choke out
Extendo in this Glicky, can’t even hide it, it’s gon’ poke out
Keepin’ in mind my business
Havin’ my h*es all at my ho house
Two hundred bands to go to the club and I ain’t really tryna go out
Hundred racks on me, give her ten bands if she show out
Got to keep that strap on me never know how it’s gon’ turn out
Take her to a island, somewhere private, she ain’t even heard ’bout
Playin’ nonchalant but I know I’m that n**ga they worry ’bout

Gettin’ head all in the air
Bad b**ch top tier, that ain’t even fair
Trapper of the year, walk in the bank, check gon’ clear
Pillow talk wit her
Y’all n**gas be weird, I really be sharin’
Give some ones to her, might f**k her real good
I don’t really be carin’ ’bout none of these h*es
I don’t wanna be playin’
This Rolls so new, it drive itself, I don’t really be steerin’
Virgil made this Louis on me his self like, What it he wearin’
I’m gon’ pop my s**t and buy myself ..
And whenever I’m up I get in that van

He say he want smoke with me
I think he should blow it off
My young boy trynna spin today
I don’t think he should go at all
He still went today ’cause he so crazy
He think he know it all
Fell in love with slidin’
So we turned him to a bowlin’ ball

Yeah, yeah, Choppin’ s**t
You would think I with the school for culinary
Freeze his ‘Gram
Make them use his last post as obituary
Ain’t no one on one, we stomp you out
You know that we stick together
He know I can’t trust him with this pole
We never blick together

Yeah, yeah
She just bought this Royal
Don’t f**k with these h*es, she got her s**t together
B**ch I’m in my bag, that’s why they mad
We finna be rich forever
Meek my murder twin
All they hear was brr when we get together
I’ll spank a n**ga wit this switch
This s**t like disciplinary

You ain’t see me coming b**ch what’s wrong
Oh, yo vision blurry
You ain’t see that Hellcat in yo rearview
Hear the engine roarin
They tell me put my gun down
But I’m beefin, f**k imma listen for
Oh I’m not a rapper, imma trapper
What you lookin for
She want me to f**k her good
I ain’t gonna give a f**k tomorrow
He say he got smoke with me
He might not wake up tomorrow
She wanna put that p**sy on me
F**k her good and never call her
2 23s in traffic now
They know I’m forever ballin…

➤ Written by Meek Mill, Yung Ro & Macaroni Toni
Album: Flamerz 5
Produced by Macaroni Toni
Meek Mill | Yung Ro | 2022

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