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Lyrics Cannon 2022 – Meek Mill

New Celene, Mary jeans, red laser on the beam
Got the switchie on the.. Cannon, Cannon
Diamonds dancin’ while I’m walkin’ out the mansion
And I still managed to advance with all these numbers that ain’t handsome
Label callin’, f**k the label, I ain’t answer ’em

Uh, they can’t blackball me, uh, matte-black Ferrari, uh
I still get a quarter mill’ to snatch back the party, uh
Slid in her DM and she hit back, she was smart enough
And they say I’m way too, I’m on my racks, I don’t talk enough

Shot caller, I’m callin’ Harden up, like, Yo, come ball for us
What we talkin’, money or these b**ches, They for all of us
If he ain’t talkin’ no cash, when he start talkin’, they don’t talk to us
Glizzy in my right-hand, AP in my left-hand
I admired the money and Benjamin became my best man
She a gold digger, I can see it on her CAT scan
‘Rari in the trenches, kids be thinkin’ that I’m Batman

Superhero status every time I’m out in traffic
N**gas movin’ backwards, like they try and make me laughin’
How can I respond when I got beef with eighty rappers
Then you see ’em in the streets and n**gas speak
They be cappin’, we too active

He got shot up by some s**t he said in his caption
I just seen a R.I.P. post, I don’t really be knowin’ what happened
I’m from Philly, where the young n**gas drillin’, don’t go to classes
Swing, you’ll get your hands on a MAC, if you get an ambush

You’ll swing, you’ll get your hands some crack, ‘fore detention passed me
In the hood, they know my homie for shootin’, but he had a handle
Could’ve been like Ja Morant, so he got a Glock
Go tell them n**gas they not my opps, I’ll go buy they block

Nobody move, somebody move, somebody shot
I’m rockin’ rude, that’s silk smooth on a mega yacht
With a mega thot that got the same knees as Megan got
I said a lot, but I got everythin’ I said I got…

➤ Written by Meek Mill, Don Cannon
Album: Flamerz 5
Produced by Don Cannon
Meek Mill | 2022

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