Meek Mill – Blue Notes (Official Music Video)

Meek Mill performing Blue Notes (Official Music Video 2016)  

Versuri (lyrics)  Blue Notes 

This is my blues 
‘Cause I’m back down on my own again 
This is the blues I’m playing 
Yes ἰt’s the final thing 
When the nights is cold and lonely 

Was it the money that made me a savage
Poppin’ them percs and I made it a habit
Totin’ them pictures and serving them addicts
That was exciting to me
I’m so excited to be
Started with nothin’ we had to inspire to be
Niggas ain’t flyer than me
I’m getting to it
Feel like the man, I got the plan
I call the shooters, they hop out the van
Play with the squad, get popped like a Xan
Pop like a Perc, I’m goin’ ham
I’m goin’ crazy on ni*gas, too wavy for ni*gas
Do magic like alakazam
I’m in the kitchen compressin’ a birdie
Take out a nine and I sell it for thirty
Then straight to the jeweler, I’m bustin a Rollie
To light up the city like Meechie 03
I got the plug, he send him up T
Don’t know these ni*gas, these ni*gas know me
Even though ni*gas they call me OG
Young ni*ga but I put it down
We was on it when it wasn’t ’round
All of sudden ni*gas wanna come around
Stay over there my G

Do me one favor
Take a few steps back
And look at yourself
Matter fact, take yourself outside your body… and then look at yourself
And see how you playing yourself ni*ga
It’s the motherf*ckin’ Chasers
You feel me
We on it

This is my blues
‘Cause I’m back down on my own again
This is the blues I’m playing
Yes it’s the final thing
When the nights is cold and lonely

Pay you the plug
Try to be real with some ni*gas and put em on money and show em some love
You did me a favor, I knew you was shiesty, I knew you would show who you was
It’s only a matter of time before ni*gas get lying and hit with them slugs
Get found in a pool of your blood, yeah ni*ga
‘Member they told me that we would fail
‘Member they said we would see a cell
Down with that semi like Cam Newton, I’m in the field like the NFL
Niggas is kickin’, I wish em well
I made a wish in a wishing well
I put a brick in a wishing well
Been through some shit and I’m sick of jail
No disease but I’m sick of cells
Sick and tired of sending ni*gas mail
Calling ni*gas just to get a bail
I just seen a ni*ga get a L
Never coming home, minute on the phone, sick and tired of seeing ni*gas fail
Sick and tired of seeing ni*gas lose
Sinning like we tryna get to hell

This is my blues
‘Cause I’m back down on my own again
This is the blues I’m playing
Yes it’s the final thing
When the nἰghts is cold and lonely
This is the midnight blues…