Max B & DJ Drama – Lemonade Lyrics | Video

Lyrics Lemonade – Max B & DJ Drama

Shoutout to the Wave God
You know a n**ga wanna get on this s**t right
Max B, Biggaveli, ow
Who better
Turnin’ lemons to lemonade
We gon’ just do it like this
You know what I mean
DJ Drama

Big bank take lil’ bank
I take the n**ga b**ch, soon as a n**ga blink
But he don’t even gotta turn his head, it’s dead
We get the bread, we wanted by the feds

EMG like action
Wanted for conspiracy, murder and not taxes
Melly in the caption, celly in the maxes
Tell me what it’s called, yeah
Rest in peace to my brother grandpa, another boy

Pop Smoke, why he have to go
B**ches on Instagram, they miss a lot of dope
Gotta be aware of who you let in the crib
N**gas will get ya for your skrilla, anybody killer
Got these n**gas that be buckin’, anybody feel us
See, it’s Skete with the n**ga, cuff and anybody hit her
See, I made her put on her clothes, anybody get her
Yeah, I get the litter and they get the picture

One little day, keep playin’ with my stacks
Tellin’ all my n**gas in the hood, I’m comin’ back
Tellin’ all my n**gas in the hood just to relax, I got this
I put the hood on my back, yeah
I let her ship on the keys while I drive
I tell her to hit it, baby, I’m just tryna get by
Ain’t nowhere to go but up
Everywhere we go, they know it’s us
Say the name

And you wonder where the style come from
Free the God
Gangsta Grillz…

➤ Written by French Montana, Max B, DJ Drama
Album: Coke Boys 6
Produced by Paul Couture
Max B | DJ Drama | 2023

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