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Lyrics Tyrant – Masicka

Wacky Dip, Wacky Dip
Big life, live like we trafficking, rocketing
To the top what fi top eh ting
Wacky dip, Wacky dip

From mi a juvenile the money a call me
Cuz mi daughter fi go Benz and mi son inna Audi
Yute dem nuh fi work fi nuh bloodclaat body
Ole a dem a call me legend and mi nuh pass forty
Yo mi granny seh fi get it when you young and hearty
My priority straight mi nuh bruk an party
Couple house over so mi wah fi hol off shortly
Get the money loud like mi hold a gun and claat it

Anuh love she a sell mi know the f**k ago cost me
And nobody nuh know cuz mi nuh talky talky
Wild mi wild nun a mi dawg dem nuh saucy
Mi go find di coil mi seh nuh bwoy nuh floss me
With the beast wash off it, pull up and park it
Gunna fi life dawg, shub up that shortly
Love of mi life yow ah money mi wah see
Poverty me mi cyah see, yow dem life deh

Claat the matic like a mi earth strong
Check mi birth paper mi come from dirt fam
Mi guns and mi cars dem a German
Da bourbon a sip slow me a di surgeon
Da server nuh weak, we prove the world wrong
A girl pon har knees a prove the boss right
Last night mi fi flip off me turban
Luv the millions from me mek the first one

Claat the matic like a mi birthday
Money it hard fi have it, you know how earth stay
Mi put a target pan it inna di worst way
Skull ago claat di matic this a nuh girls play
Bazzle down mi nuh model gun a mi first spray
Mi bad nuh bloodclaat til mi turn clay
Dah bag deh man wah, how di work stay!
Face flat, poverty dead inna him worse way

Big life, live like we trafficking
Wah fi stop eeh ting
Wacky dip, wacky dip
Now a some big life, like we trafficking
Rocketing to the top a wah fi top eeh ting
Wacky dip, Killa dem a wacky dip

Yute dem have to be some superstar
Nobody stopping it, totally locking it
Roll like trafficking the coke a nuh claffi ting
Big house and a flashy whip
Bwoy lock eeh lip
Taurus pon mi belly buss a wacky dip
From cash in it
Gone we gone fi dat we not crashing it

Man a hustle coulda three card
Coulda ackee pick
Tell a bwoy seh a nuh lock we pick
Mi nuh act with it a bat will flick
And if a paper chasing tell dem that will fit
Hope them get the picture, tell them snap di pic
One of a kind and them nuh dat equip
Yow mi style dem like a crack in it
Dem love it like the food inna pot wid it not dropping it

Ruger pon mi belly buss a wacky dip
A so mi pop a style a so dem hoppin it
So mi flash a coil a so she dashing it
F**k and deven smile cuz mi frass in it
Sicka inna di ride you think a flash in it
Mi see dem talk but not matching it
Mi knocking it
Ball a roll but them just watching it

Big life live like we trafficking
Wacky dip, wacky dip
Big life live like we trafficking, rocketing
To the top a wah fi top eeh ting
Wacky dip, killa dem a wacky dip

Wacky dip
Big life
Wacky dip…

➤ Written by Masicka, Moz Zaro Hamm
Produced by Moz Zaro Hamm & Masicka
Masicka | 2023

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