Mark Battles – Eye For An Eye (Dax Diss) Lyrics | Audio 2019

Lyrics “Eye For An Eye” performed by Mark Battles (Dax Diss)

Lord forgive me for this body
I had to do this for the people
He said Gods his only friend
Well I’m about to send em up to meet you
I was rooting for this loser
I will no longer keep it peaceful
I don’t care how many views you got
We know you not my equal

This lil p**sy ass
Always playing hookie ass
Bragging ’bout you jump shot
But couldnt make the rookie class
Look he trash
This time you did some s**t that I just couldn’t grasp
Scru and Crypt heat up the oven
It’s my turn to cook his ass
This ain’t personal
I wont bring yo family up
Clouting off of mental health
Why you wanna damage us
You acting like a b**ch Daniel
Need to pull ya panties up
Instagram rapper
But act cocky like you Grammied up

Cold as the Stanley Cup
Will leave u barely standing up
Hurt this lil boy
Till he retire quick as Andy Luck
Anty up, be careful what you say
I keep the whammy tucked
Slide on this ni**a
And make him disappear like candy crush
Damn he f**ked

I’m not a perfect man I got my demons too
This really ain’t a diss I’m tryna speak to you
Cuz this was just some s**t that you ain’t need to do
Yo whole image is a gimmick and we need the truth

Are you really a cop
How many restrooms did you mop
And is you ex chick a thot
I’m sick of the fraud s**t b**ch ni**a stop
Come and knock his noodle off
Call that s**t food for thought
This is nothing to a boss
I flex in s**t that puma bought
I ain’t tryna start an infinity war
But that s**t threw me off
Now we In the end game
My powers is my pen game

You was perpetrating love
Said you was clinically depressed
So you had to take a drug
All to promote that corny Thanos s**t
Cuz you couldn’t make it buzz
You already said I was yo favorite rapper
I made you what you was

My name is Dax I need a hug
Tory Lanez is only 5 foot 4 and ran me out the club
In real life I’m nothing but a p**sy, never been a thug
But I talk about fighting and killing people just because

Would rather be Dan the janitors manager
Was good at scrubbing floors but you rap like a amateur
Whatever pill you popped just put it back in the canister
Y’all know It’s all love but some savage s**t can occur
Compare yourself to Pac
What the hell the world coming to
Kill you then kill myself so me and 2Pac can jump you
You the last thing they should look up to
Now back to all the fraud s**t ain’t mean to interrupt you…

➤ Produced by Money Montage
Mark Battles | 2019