Mariah Carey ft. Rich Homie Quan – Thirsty (New Single) lyrics

Mariah Carey ft. Rich Homie Quan cu noul single Thirsty (New Single)

Versuri (lyrics):

Uhm, you thirsty…
In the bright lights, even change your name
Say you my boss now, ain’t nothing out your range
Well, almost anything
You used to be Mister-all-about-me
Now you’re just thirsty for celebrity
Best thing that happened to your ass was me
Pull down them … and act like you see
You thirsty for a dream leaving me drowning
Boy, there ain’t no way so let’s go
Filled with discontent
Finding you can’t quit
Why you try so damn hard?
Uhm, you thirsty…

Somebody get this girl a glass water
I say she six nickels, not a dime, past a quarter
Her daddy question me why she thirsty
You can ask your daughter, back up off
You look a little salty, so thirsty, should drink coffee
And you ain’t really gotta keep hitting my phone
I see every message
Texting me asking where I’m going, baby girl, stop stressin’
Then I walked in like the man of the year
With these thirsty girls in my section
These thirsty girls want a blessin’
Get wet, you won’t get this shit from me
No defense, but you can get the D
No sequel, it’s only one of me
That thirsty … my tires
It got me on fire
Rich Homie Quan times Mariah, Sing

Boss now, you trying be a boss now, thinking you a boss now
Boy, you just lookin’ thirsty…

Let’s get the stars and…
I’m V.I.P, you got what you see
Outside the club and if he has to leave
Can’t get the…

Boy you thirsty