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Lyrics In These Walls – Machine Gun Kelly

I feel you in these walls
You’re a cold air creeping in
Chill me to my bones and skin
I heard you down the hall
But it’s vacant when I’m looking in
Oh, who let you in

You walk around like you own the place
But you never say anything
I caught you walking straight through my walls
Guess it was all my fault
I think I let you in

Well, you said I never wrote a song for you
So I hope this one is haunting you
You said even if it took forever
That me and you would be together
And I never thought that you would lie
So I’ll admit I took advantage of your precious time
I’ll admit I took advantage of you
Every night that I was on the road
Even at home I wouldn’t do you right

I’ll admit it
But don’t think for a minute
I’ma let you convince me
That what we started is finished
Or for a second that I wouldn’t
Take a bullet to the head for you

Paint the bottom on my floor red for you
And kissed by an angel, touched by the devil
Blood from a nose red as a rose petal
I think we’re caught up in a power trip
She my Kate Moss, I’m her Johnny Depp

Light pull the fast life in the fast lane
Lights in the cab night drinkin’ champagne
Ice make a last ice for the back pain
With the knife on the dash, pipe with the ashtray
And we f**k with the lights off, break a little shade
Did it twice in the room, once in the .., oh
Hide all the fresh wounds like a band-aid
With the stripes on the black suits for the campaign, oh

What a damn shame
King of the underworld, what a damn name
‘Cause he killed all the other girls in the damn frame
For a queen that he neνer realized had fangs
Damn, do you feel what I’m sayin’
Take a knife in the back, wanna feel my pain
Make a slice to the wrist to reveal those veins
Like a .. phrase, man I feel insane

Never thought that I would feel like this
Such a mess when I’m in your presence
I’ve had enough, think you’ve been making me sick
Gotta get you out of my system, yeah
It’s my house
And I think it’s time to get out
It’s my soul
It isn’t yours anymore
It’s my house
And I think it’s time to get out
Yeah, I think it’s time to get out

Yeah, yeah, ooh, oh-oh
Yeah, I think it’s time to get out…

➤ Written by Machine Gun Kelly
Vocal sample PVRIS “My House”
Album: Lockdown Sessions
Machine Gun Kelly | 2020

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