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  • Semblant – Mere Shadow | Lyrics Video 2020

    When the walls are closed down Separating me From the emptiness I’m holding on I’m holding on Falling apart, a living ruin Take a deep breath And glance inside All of my demons Refuse to depart Just know who you […]

  • Kaleo – I Want More | Lyrics Audio 2020

    Homegrounds Feels like the weight has been lifted away But if she leaves me there I won’t run Please pass it on Carry me down All you need to know is I want more More Looking for, more I want […]

  • Lauv – Tattoos Together | Lyrics Video 2020

    Said I’d never fall, I’d never fall I’d never fall but then I fell for you, mhm Back against the wall, against the wall Against the wall, that’s how it felt with you, mhm, mm One weekend in Portland You weren’t even my girlfriend […]

  • Kaleo – Break My Baby | Lyrics Audio 2020

    Sun is down on east side While we all turn a blind eye You know I’ve got your back But would you ever do that for me Billy boy he’s gifted You know you can’t deny it Don’t leave us […]

  • Faouzia – Tears of Gold | Lyrics Video 2020

    Mama always told me that I was too naive Gave away my trust for pennies I said, don’t you worry Didn’t think that I’d be Broken down and crying Help me Wrecked Check Heart in debt All you do is […]

  • Brytiago – Te fallé | Lyrics Video 2020

    Acepto que te vi con otro Y me mordió, no te lo niego Contigo fui un hijuepyta No espero perdón, aah Como odio los mensaje’ que escribí Quise borrarlos, pero rápidos los vistes Yo te juzgaba pero tú sabías de mí Más que […]

  • 2Bona & THCF – Komiran | Lyrics Video 2020

    Ne, ne mi e bitno, od kogo promila Si se ubila, i odglumila Mi treba itno, a ja komiran Ona folira, da bi me dobila Barbie barbie oh my Leta private jet, Dubai Ona zivee u raj Zlatna karta goodlife Kako me mami, po […]

  • Bonnie x Clyde – Curse | Lyric Video

    Took me to my badside Baby it’s a curse Now I’m in the backseat While you’re in reverse Do I wanna stay here Pullin at your love It’s written on your face baby Isn’t it enough Looking in the mirror And I know I […]

  • Capital T – 600PS | Lyrics Video 2020

    Mercedes, S-Coupe, 600 PS, AMG Ti e din kush jam po unë s’pe di kush je Qata bye, bye, bye, bye Mercedes, S-Coupe, 600 PS, AMG Ti e din kush jam po unë s’pe di kush je Qata bye, bye, bye, bye..② Single flex, […]

  • Bryant Myers – Como Panas | Lyrics Video

    Todo comenzó como panas Poquito a poco se fue encendiendo una llama Contigo me envolví yo ni me lo esperaba Desde que te probé, mami yo me enchulé Todo pasó así de la nada Contigo encontré to’ lo que buscaba Bebé tú me embrujaste […]