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  • DigDat & Aitch – Ei8ht Mile | Lyrics Video 2020

    Yo, I don’t really f**k with the trap like that But the income coming in fast Never had one grand to my name Left work, same year, made money off rap When I sit back, think life changed Same way I’m still Aitch, that’s […]

  • Beéle & Ovy On The Drums – Inolvidable | Lyrics Video

    Ignórame todo lo que puedas Beéle Ovy On The Drums Ignórame todo lo que puedas Pero de ninguna manera Podrás olvidarte de todo Lo que hicimos aquella luna llena Ay mami tú No podrás olvidarte de mí Por todo lo que sabes tú […]

  • Steve Aoki & Maluma – Maldad | Lyrics Video 2020

    One-two, one-two Check-check Maluma, baby Worldwide, bebé Worldwide, bebé Su mamá cree que ella es una niña sana Durante la semana Pero cuando llega ese fin de semana Rápido la mente se le daña Pide un polvo rosa De esos […]

  • Kevvo feat. Myke Towers, Jhay Cortez, Darell – Power

    Power, yuh-yuh Kevvo-Kevvo-Kevvo Una Visión Quintana Here we go again Yuh Power, en la cintura tengo power El driver con el palo twenty-four hour Las moñas son de kushi y son de sour Tenemo’ glopeta’ y Sig Sauer Power, en la calle tengo power […]

  • Pop Smoke – Christopher Walking | Lyrics Video

    N**gas sayin’ they outside N**gas sayin’ they outside Send the addy, we gon’ slide Air it out when we arrive Poppin’ that s**t But they don’t want the smoke She like it rough when we f**k So I’m grabbin’ that b**ch by […]

  • Alec Benjamin – Demons | Lyrics Audio 2020

    I’ve got all these demons hiding underneath me Nobody can see them, nobody but me, any other reason The only thing that keeps me from diving off the deep end Because I’ve got all these demons, demons, demons Well, at first I thought I […]

  • Green Day – Oh Yeah! | Lyrics Video 2020

    I’m in the crowd full of angels and demons I’m looking out for the jingles and heathens Nobody move and nobody gonna get hurt Reach for the sky with your face in the dirt Everybody is a star Got my money And I’m feeling […]

  • Semblant – Mere Shadow | Lyrics Video 2020

    When the walls are closed down Separating me From the emptiness I’m holding on I’m holding on Falling apart, a living ruin Take a deep breath And glance inside All of my demons Refuse to depart Just know who you […]