Luh Tyler & BabyTron – Fat Racks Pt. 2 Lyrics | Video

Lyrics Fat Racks Pt. 2 – Luh Tyler & BabyTron

Skinny n**ga, fat racks, stand the f**k up out the way
White Runtz inside my blunt, that b**ch burning like some sage
No, I ain’t doing s**t for you if that s**t don’t get me paid
Bad b**ch, she got her toes done and her edges slayed
I’m on the beat, I’m in that mode, n**ga, you can’t stop the rain
Make sure that my family straight before I ever buy a chain
I get in the booth, my feet kicked up, I’m kissing Mary Jane
You won’t catch me in the mix, I’m staying in my own lane

You won’t catch me in the mix but you can catch me with ya b**ch
Nah, this ain’t dirty money, all my money be legit
In the booth, I’m smoking sour patch, feeling like that kid
I just took a n**ga b**ch, yeah, I hit her with that rizz

Yeah, I’m feeling like a pimple cause I’m finna pop my s**t
If you ever took my ho, it ain’t no pressure ’bout that b**ch
Ain’t no gas inside his blunt, buddy must be smoking mid
You ain’t tryna get no money, you ain’t standing on no business
Take a look inside my pocket, I got racks inside my pants
I been getting to that money, n**ga, feeling like that man
Took yo b**ch and get behind her, yeah, then I do my dance
Time to have them labels calling, n**ga, tryna get them bands

Nah, I’on f**k with n**gas, you might think I’m the klan
Run that my money up, make sure my family straight
Yeah, that’s the plan
I ain’t have to take ya b**ch, turnt ya ho’ into a fan
Take the ho’ out to the beach, she getting freaky on the sand
Pennywise inside my blunt, hit that s**t, it make you float
I’m out the way, I’m with ya b**ch and she tryna drive the boat
I’m either out here chasing cake or talking s**t up in the ‘yota
I can’t wait to rock the stage, you know I’m tryna kick the door

Rubi Rose or Jayda Wayda, man, f**k it, I want both
Had to cut lil’ mama off because she always do the most
I been kissing Mary Jane, think I’m ’bout to overdose
I been stepping on they neck, I got the rap game in a choke

I won’t wife a b**ch, I’m high as hell up on the rings of Saturn
Pop like it’s Wakanda, hit the hood, I gotta feed the panther
How you 30 with zero hustle, Like s**t, we need some answers
Fully switched, survived this b**ch, up out the chance of beating cancer

Running so historic, just looked up, you ain’t even peep the banners
Sippin’ purple rain, R.I.P Prince, you drinking green like Lantern
Only got some money when it’s tax time, I done seen this pattern
I can call a hath in little squares, just to calm his nerves
Yo’ b**ch was front row in my concerts, she knew all the words
Used to do it through the window, now I hit the mall and splurge
Jefe walked in with a pint of Quagen, I done caught the urge
B**ch, ut’s the militia, it ain’t s**t, to call my dogs and purge

Thirty somethin’ woods a day
Might catch me spark a log in church
God forgive me though
Just discovered my family tree, I came from Billy Goats
I’m the same me, whether I’m solo or we fifty strong
Rollin ’round with 60 shots, I hop out up in Nipsey row

You know what time it is, Balaclava and Dickies on
Where everybody money go, I guess them stimmys gone
What goes around, it comes around, life like a boomerang
Tyler, that’s lil’ Brodie, touch him, bet your block a shooting range
Dražen Petrović, I hit all net, the Glock got super range
Doggie woke up in a mid-life crisis, don’t know who to blame
Thinking, Who gone help me
Independent, gives a f**k, I’m thinking who gon’ shelve me
I put that s**t on from head to toe, can’t even do the selfie

Seven-seater, wrapped with presidential tint, I’m moving stealthy
Bounce around like Super Mario, I think the shrooms gon’ melt me
Had me locked up in Nebraska, now I’m in the A
Yeah, I’m out on bond, I’m out the way, but in the way
Zaza to the face, but I ain’t done, I keep one rolled
Feel like Roddy Piper, got the rap game in a sleeper, hoe, aye, aye

Yah, I got the rap game in a choke, n**ga
Gang, yeah…

➤ Written by Luh Tyler, BabyTron & DATBOIWILL
Produced by DATBOIWILL
Luh Tyler | BabyTron | 2023

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