Lucien Parker – Impossible (Music Video 2017)

Lyrics for “Impossible” performed by Lucien Parker

Wait on it
Everybody watching while the clock still tickin
Imma make a move I don’t need no rhythm
Imma make a move I don’t need no rhythm..

I ain’t never on the scene
West side blowin on some collard greens
Got a ni*ga feelin so spent
I can never take no rest..

Made a peace wit it
I originated from the impossible
That’s a rocky road

Made a peace wit it
I originated from the impossible
There’s lots to go

We are not the same
You just gotta look
Way I play the role
Had these ni*gas shook

I can say we done beat out the realist
Swangin in the club my ni*gas going gorillas
30 people shows no funds and on the road
My stock ain’t over sold
So where does the garden grow
Water water water water water
Needa hydrate
Liquidate all the dollars
Wage violate
Sell a soul to a dollar
Trynna get a raise but they can’t be bothered

They dont want smoke what’s the price on a rello
Sos in a bottle while I sip modelo..

N*ggas only worried bout a chaining day
I could care less that’s a open casket
Whatchu got packed in yo picnic basket
Cause my ni*gas need to eat
We been low on rations
That’s why

I’m stickin wit it
I’m stickin wit it
My ni*gas wit it
My shawty pretty

I know we bussin it loose
I cannot stay in location
I get em all wit surprise
See they been liking my latest…

➤ Produced by BNJMN
Shot by Nikolai Hagen

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