Loveboat Luciano – 2nd Strike Lyrics | Video

Lyrics 2nd Strike – Loveboat Luciano & Benny The Butcher, Black Soprano Family ft. DJ Clue

Yeah, yeah
DJ Clue
This is a storm
That Black Soprano Family

I sit back and think, I can have everythin’ I want
If I stay down, I’ma be a legend from the slums
I made my way ’round, pedallin’ for treasures, got me gone
I’m drivin’ Pelli’s in the cold, I got a fetish for that dough
I feel bad but don’t regret, I sold ready’s to my own
You n**gas petty, like these h0es, I’ll get you wet, then make a toast
We ain’t built to like, now tell me, what’s a Chevy to a Rolls
I get you killed tonight, bro, throw away your hammer and your phone

We all know y’all cap, tryna impress us with that crap
I’m a legend with that strap, you know the bezzel come in black
That Soprano Family, I’m tryna put my family on the map
Next to Granny picture, I’m tryna have a Grammy and a plaque

Look, imagine me switchin’ on gang
Like Kim switchin’ on Ye
Or like I keep switchin’ on me, or like when I switch to the grave
Got off that corner, stopped doin’ numbers, y’all couldn’t relate
Smoke ’til I’m blue in the face, still in a loop with the apes
They in denial, y’all know who winnin’, y’all losin’ this race

I come join your team right now, you losin’ your place
And I’ll never bend again, ‘less I’m usin’ a Drac’
Built my name in a small town and grew in a state
Yeah, I need a crib so big, with the pool, with the lake
We rollin’ sixes over here, but I’m cool with the grapes
My youngin caught a body for me, then moved to the A
And I’m the one before two, and that’s proven today

New sh!t, you can’t bump
That Soprano Family
Benny the Butcher
I’m a legend with that strap
Shoutout Buffalo, baby
Y’all know who winnin’
That Soprano Family, and that’s proven today
DJ Clue, it’s a storm
That Soprano Family, I’m a legend with that strap
Ha-ha ha-ha, Clue
Y’all know who winnin’
That Soprano Family, and that’s proven today
Yeah, uh

You know my sh!t all street tales, the details suit me
Made a livin’ off of street sales and sleep well, truly
Got classics with Pete Rock, you gotta C.L. Smooth me
Y’all get on stage and tell jokes, like D.L. Hughley
With the odds all stacked up, I’m still racked up
Tennis suburban, ridin’ through Flatbush, I’m Rich Porter with a MacBook
Cut out a classic once, they said That’s luck
Did it twice, it’s feelin’ like the n**gas who had head-starts playin’ catch-up

With all this paper on the line, we gotta talk like bosses
What’s Bill called right, when your jumper got an arch like Jordan’s
Painting’s like the art right, I’m bettin’ on the art price margin
My stash house full of soft white and all white Forces
‘Til I got a label payment, I was on an ankle bracelet
Bankroll chasin’, I must have had angels waitin’
Catchin’ all them yayo cases
Tryna get sh!t cooked, you gotta just hit Butch’
I’m a hustler, I can’t retire off How to get rich books, n**ga

The Butcher comin’, n**ga
It’s Big BSF sh!t, n**ga
Keep our name out y’all mouth
DJ Clue
Keep our name out y’all mouth
This sh!t ain’t for y’all n**gas
There’s a storm
Y’all n**gas ain’t like that
Ha-ha, ha-ha
All that, real sh!t, you know what we do
Ayo, Boat, I’ve been tellin’ n**gas
We’ve been doin’ sh!t
Black Soprano Family

Pop up, twenty deep, huh
With them sh!ts on us, we stood tall
The Butcher, n**ga
Big BSF pieces, mob, Soprano Family
Twenty thirties, we say that sh!t, we mean it, n**ga
Y’all n**gas quiet, y’all n**gas p**sy, let’s go
And that’s proven today…

➤ Written by Benny the Butcher (Jeremie S. Pennick), Loveboat Luciano, DJ Clue (Ernesto Shaw) & Rick Hyde
Produced by DJ Clue & Rick Hyde
Loveboat Luciano | Benny the Butcher | DJ Clue | 2023

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