Loma – Relay Runner (Lyrics | Video)

Lyrics “Relay Runner” by Loma

Sometimes there’s no one listening
Sometimes there’s nothing happening

I seek a needle in the night
I feel my body in the way
I put some fingers in the mud
I put my back into the work
I face the wall
I kiss the ground
I try to move it
I try to settle down
I kiss the ground

No one can save like I do
No one can sing like I do
And when I feel it coming on
I throw my body in the wave

I want to touch it for myself
I see an image in the air
I kiss the crown
I kiss the ground
I see an opening

No one can see like I do
No one can see it like I do
I find a needle in the night

I’m at the bottom of the lake
I’m coming up again
I’m throwing everything away
I kiss the ground
Relay, relay runner…

➤ Album: Loma
Loma 2018

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