Lily Allen – Our Time (Lyrics | Video)

Lily Allen cu piesa Our Time (Lyrics | Video)

Versuri (lyrics):

It’s 2 am, so I just stop the music
I still sailing like always on a cruise ship
Took the words straight out my mouth
Come on everybody, back to my house
Take my hand now, you’re coming over
It doesn’t matter, you can sleep on my sofa
Bring some flags, and bring some wrestlers
We gonna party like it’s nobody’s business!

Looking hot down there,
It’s the end of week
And this is how turned out
Let’s forget everything
Put your red rags on
Dance like we’re queens of the night
We just gon’ dance the night away,
We don’t give a damn what people say
We’ve had enough
So turn it off,
We’re takin’ over
Dream until we lose our minds,
Wanna lose sense of space & time
We’re going through, that’s how we do
Tonight we’re taking over!


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