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Lyrics Not Regular – Lil Yachty & Sada Baby

Ooh, everything that a n**ga did is not regular
Bad b**ch wanna f**k some, better hit my cellular
I can’t fall in love with no IG ho ’cause they all editors

And these old rap n**gas, they all predators
N**gas be actin’ like they really rich but livin’ like janitors
Lowkey late night on the Sunday Street, far from the ministers
F**kin’ this b**ch but got chemistry
I did s**t deep in the industry
I got the .30s on my clip with the Benz, green
I got the coupe, it’s brown on brown like a goddamn reindeer
Comin’ up, Burberry, champagne, my b**ch pure
I create the cure, I f**k up the looks


I pop Percs, sip lean, don’t drink liquor
From the D, might buy wires with the mink fur
My n**ga Yachty quit the Wocky, I’m like, Is you sure
We off a lotta syrup, but I still’d shoot

Know I be with n**gas special as I’m killin’ crews
Yeah, whole gang of n**gas who make n**gas move
F**k a b**ch and her momma if I feel his boo
Skubaroo make a pass , the daughter send me nudes

I got racks on racks on racks so I see Roger Federer
F**k the opps, I up chops on all my competitors
If there’s smoke, we at your throat, we take extreme measures
Shoot him in his shoot then do it again to make him bleed extra

We at your door like extra, extra, read all about it
All my n**gas teeth gold like they ’bout it ’bout it
Three different h*es stacked up in my new Ferrari
They don’t even know each other but they sittin’ body to body
Half of my staff white on white, look like Scotty 2 Hotty
My main b**ch got two phones, one for when I call
Strap it to her purse, that s**t look like a lil’ Tamagotchi
On my momma, boy, I hate when they call me Lil Yatchy
I hate the paparazzi


N**gas better not call me any f**kin’ thang but Sada
Call me Skuba and I don’t know you, I’ll beat up or shot ya
I hate the b**сhes and the b**ch n**gas in my condos
Throw a lil’ n**ga off the cliff, Scuba Steve hate haji
Half a brick, I chop a brick, my mans gon’ rock it
I’m in Watts off the ‘Dusse, my names ain’t Rocky
On our way back to the nearest .. and ..
Brodie and we jumped him

Jumped ’em, stomped ’em, got him gone
Gave him a wedgie, he a nerd n**ga, run him home
Sent your statements, your emotions, did Quincy Jones
Better leave me ‘lone, before I change the tone…

➤ Written by Sada Baby & Lil Yachty
Album: Michigan Boy Boat
Lil Yachty | Sada Baby | 2020

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