Lil Toe – Bulletproof Lyrics | Video

Lyrics Bulletproof – Lil Toe

You a b!tch and your mom is a hoe
I’m a man not a motherf**kin boy
Ran it up, still stuck to the code
Switch sides thats a real bad choice

Everything that you said it be cap
I was broke, where the f**k was you at
No sleep ‘cuz its hard to relax
Try’na to put Palm Beach on the map

Where I’m from its a twisted a*s state
Where the mansions right across from section 8
And nobody like to give, they just take
So If I’m hungry then I’m looking for your plate

Got the drum like my name Steven slate
You a target in your city ‘cuz you fake
And you try’na make it up its too late
And if you cross me thats real big mistake

Who the hell are you try’na disrespect
When you come at me you better come correct
I could knock your head off for a verse
Have your whole family crying at the church

Yeah, my pants sagging since a jit
You don’t like it I don’t care, suck my d!ck
In a sprinter 12 deep with them sticks
He better hope I don’t see him when he slips

I been waiting just to get into a fight
But if he touch me I might have to end his life
38 in my motherf**kin boot
Take your motherf**kin shot I’m bulletproof…

➤ Written by Lil Toe
Lil Toe | 2023

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