Lil Tecca ft. Pasto Flocco, MBM Vell – Keep A Glizzy Lyrics | Audio

Lyrics Keep A Glizzy – Lil Tecca feat. Pasto Flocco &  MBM Vell

B**ch, it’s Lil Tecca, I came with the strap, ayy
F**k all that wock’, I ain’t sippin’ that Act’
B**ches on me, yeah, they think I’m a snack
I came with a grip, would you came with a pack

Pasto, Pasto havin’ sprayin’ the MAC
Why attendin’ have ’em flappin’ the jack
Shorty on me and she callin’ my dad
Keep a grip, how can I ever lack, ayy


Yeah, it’s young Pasto, my n**ga, we got those
You run up on me, I’ma aim for your top though
Stackin’ this cheese, I’ma stack it like nachos
Walk with a stick, leave yo’ ass like a pothole

Swiper no swipin’, my n**ga, we take those
I take off your brain, I’ma shoot with a draco
Pour up the Act’ in the сup with the Faygo
I play with the p**sy, you think that it’s play dough

Stackin’ my bricks
I don’t got no time for no treesh
She feelin’ attacked
When she needin’ a leash

Hop out the whip , she likin’ my drip
She all on my deeck and she lovin’ the clit
I’m keepin’ the K and it come with a grip
Let’s beat down the strip
Catch me a lick, cop me some bricks
Then f**k on your b**ch, yeah…


➤ Written by MBM Vell, Pasto Flocco & Lil Tecca
Lil Tecca | MBM Vell | Pasto Flocco | 2020

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