Lil Skies – More Money More Ice | Lyrics 2019

Lyrics “More Money More Ice” – Lil Skies

Ayy, I remember when I said
That I would ride for you
Yeah I was there
When I said that I would die for you
Showed you I cared
I’m a man I never lie to you
I come prepared
When it’s time to ride
You’ll know I’m there and that’s rare

F**k what n**ga think
They can flex like this
I know they jealous ’cause I stunt
When I’m with my clique
More money more ice
Living life for the risk
Tell my brother that I got ’em
Put ’em on, ’cause I’m rich

I ain’t runnin’ from my problems
Imma face ’em I promis
I get higher then the stars
While watching the comments
Critics always on my d**k
I’m never readins the comments
I got more money to get
No time to hate I’m just honest
2500 what I spent to sleep on pyjamas…

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➤ Written by Lil Skies
Produced by Pooh Beatz & CashMoneyAP
Lil Skies | 2019