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Lyrics Watch Yo Homie – Lil Durk

I’m just tryna heat the crib up with the stove lights
I’m just reminiscing ’bout my old life
We was running ’round them streets in the cold nights
Reminiscing ’bout my old life

Some nights it do be feeling like you alone, right
Reminiscing ’bout your old life
It be feeling you gon’ die
Certain s**t ain’t goin’ right

Mansion on the hills
Long way from scales
Steady tryna kill me
Name ringin’ bells
When you lose appeals
Probably gon’ tell
You done poppin’ pills
They probably give you the chills

He lost fifty pounds
Probably in the mail
I gotta hold ’em down
Shout out to the jail
Get hit up with some rounds
Chopper make you frail
Shawty want a Draco
He don’t want Chanel
Watch out for leeches
Shootout, screechin’
Ducking polices
Moving strategic
Voices, the νoices
They say that I’m preaching
Went through them courses
They really ain’t believe me

Watch who you call your homie..④
Watch who you call your brother

Watch who you call your brody..③

What you was doin’ with your profit money
I said you buy a n**ga chain
They say you took it from him
The same b**ches tryna f**k
The ones who s**tted on me
Wanna see the same n**ga
From back then who s**tted on me

Wanna see the family members
Who turnt up and s**tted on me
Wanna see them trap n**gas
Who got money and s**tted on me
Wanna see my teachers said
I won’t be s**t, now I’m s**ttin’ on em
I was too humble, now I’m cocky
With that different money
You was chose, you was chose
Chose the right road, chose the right road

Watch your homie
Watch your
Watch your homie, oh
Watch your

Watch your homies, n**ga..③…

➤ Written by John Lam, Tre Gilliam & Lil Durk
Album: Just Cause Y’all Waited 2
Produced by John Lam & Tre Gilliam
Lil Durk | 2020

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