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Lyrics Viral Moment – Lil Durk

I pour up Hennes’ out the Lamb’ truck, fell asleep slime
I thought them n**gas had my back but I’m steady seein’ signs
And I can’t turn my back on .., like I ain’t see him tryin’
These tears shed, whenever he dead, it’s different from seein’ him die

Bah, get close up on ’em, you know that s**t be graphic
You gotta pop out with that ratchet, you know this s**t get tragic
And you can’t fumble with that stick, you know this s**t ain’t Madden
All that s**t you did in the streets, you know that s**t gon’ vanish

Yeah, I pop these pills, they try to read my thoughts
And you can’t dig back in your past because you got time you lost
And make that time up for your kids ’cause you know time ain’t bought
Booka bought me a diamond cross but he know he won’t cross me

They turnt their back and said they’d kill me, yeah, that’s when they lost
I put Bugatti inside the Cartier because I’m feelin’ boss
They feel some type of way in the county jail, I told them, Call me
I built a relationship with the real with n**gas who never saw me

Yeah, I seen my chance and that’s when I grabbed it
F**k bein’ a hunnid, I spent a couple hunnids on n**gas tablets
Lean gave me chest pains, that’s when I popped the Perky tablets
I tried to get that family vibe for n**gas who wasn’t established

You do that s**t again, what you did, so bro gon’ get you a casket
I did s**t for n**gas without them askin’
I broke pounds for n**gas without the matches
I don’t f**k with you, I’ma tell you now even though I got it

Yeah, yeah, yeah..

This s**t was different, we was together like ten years ago
And I don’t talk to a lotta n**gas, but they still the bros
The one that I ain’t talk to back then know they still h*es
And some n**gas try to hide their hate but that still shows

I never f**ked on block h*es because I call ’em sisters
One hate me right now as I speak because I called her a hooker
Cut the loose ends, I cut ’em off, they try to stay I’m a butcher
B**ch, you a rat, neνer mind, I changed my life, I’m Muslim

I talked to Chops on FaceTime, he said, Damn, you back smokin’
He said, that back door damn near closed, I said, It’s back open
I say, these blocks could be back one, he said, You back hopin’
You gotta watch the n**gas you love ’cause they still backdoorin’

He ain’t got no hope in beatin’ his trial because he lost his motion
Bro got life, he don’t know how p**sy smell, that’s why he f**k his lotion
I know some real n**gas would lose it all for a viral moment
My dreads swing, I feel like Wayne, show me my opponent

And I like talkin’ to the streets, like
When you say you the voice, you gotta, like, open up, like
Tell motherf**kers what it is, like, you can’t hold nothin’ back
You gotta relate to them, relate to the poverty
You know what I’m sayin’
Relate to the trenches
You know, I can’t be talkin’ ’bout a Richard Mille all the time
Know what I’m sayin’
Some of the guys don’t even know what the f**k a Richard Mille is
Know what I’m sayin’ You gotta relate, all angles, know what I’m sayin’
The voice

Yeah, yeah, yeah…

➤ Written by Lil Durk
Lil Durk | 2020

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