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Lyrics Therapy Session – Lil Durk ft. Alicia Keys

Good morning, Durk
I hope you’re doing as well as possible under the circumstances
Can you tell me where was your mind
When you heard the news of your friend Vaughn
Passing away on November 6th, 2020
And then the loss of your brother on June 6th, 2021, wow
That must have been incredibly devastating
I can only imagine how painful that must have been
It’s been a year and I wanna know
How you feel about the rap beef on top of all the chaos
Despite all this you continue to be a warrior
A leader in the rap industry and the voice in your community
And I want you to feel completely safe in this room

Nobody can hurt you
It’s okay to express your vulnerabilities and emotions
This is a judgment-free Zone
And I encourage you to let your emotions out
And express yourself freely
Take a deep breath and focus on the present moment
Today is May 26th
Remember that you don’t have to go through this alone
I’m here to listen, you have the voice in this room
I wanna hear from Durk Banks…

➤ Written by Lil Durk & Alicia Keys
Album: Almost Healed
Produced by Alicia Keys

Lyrics Pelle Coat – Lil Durk

They scared to come outside
I know why, because they dyin’ for sure
2010 winter time, Pelle on, I gotta match the coat
Shared the room with my cousin, I snuck in, told him I had a gun
I do believe in my spirits, can’t hop on a Spirit, that flight too long
YouTube n**gas tryna paint a picture of me, it never last too long
Not too much on violence, but n**ga I’m silent, but n**ga I’m glad you gone
If you got a name and you stand on business, you can’t be the first to fold
Bro got a body, but brodie got four bodies, he the first to told

On my back is a burden, bro in the car and I did it on purpose
They in suburbans, bro on the track and he hopped on the curb then
Brodie moved back, ’cause brodie started lackin’ just off his girlfriend
I was stackin’, had to sleep on the mattress, n**ga., I ain’t perfect
Take him out to slide, he can’t even focus, thinkin’ what his girl did
I can’t even lie and I love the guys, and we make the world spin
On the jail call, but we still risk it, ’cause it got it mergin’
‘Member postin’ guns, that’s really involved ’cause they lurkin’

Where I’m from, you don’t get old
I know some killers that told
I know secrets that nobody know
Pray for me, I’m on the road
Give it all up for my bros
When you keepin’ your mouth closed
Ain’t no one gettin’ exposed

They scared to come outside
I know they is, but n**ga scared to pop out for days
Back in the day when it was seven-fifty minimum wage
I was bad, momma sent me to get out the way
I ain’t know what to say
I knew he was dead when they put out the tape
That s**t was a shame, he died right in front of me, auntie say I’m a snake
I ain’t mention lil’ bro name, Ciara sayin’ I’m straight
Auntie .. loves her daughter, call my phone back, I ain’t know what to say
Ask the kids visitin’, mommas never did, like I’m the one who be playin’

See, brodie that was my man, but he let him get in his head, what I’m sayin’
Like, how I’ma sacrifice Von, I’m the only n**ga reached for his hand
Like why I can’t give him money for the funeral, I’m like Damn
I ain’t see his kids yet, same time, they probably bleed with their hand
Ain’t makin’ statements for the whole case, like how I’ma tell on my man
They ain’t never have enough evidence, tell ’em Free Zoo out that can
I call Fat Fat to talk to the kids, I don’t think Sonson know that he dead
Life insurance money, hold a lot of Ms
So when I’m dead they never miss meals

I don’t know why they hate me so much
Got it back for revenge, so what
Why they lie on my name so much
Why I be with the gang so much
Why they do it for the fame so much
Keep tellin’ him I’m slidin’ on up
Keep tellin’ him I’m slidin’ on up

They scared to come outside
N**gas be lyin’ on blogs to get up some views
Felt like that with every one, ’cause his son called, ask a n**ga for shoes
I was outside movin’ and forgot, I ain’t tryna make an excuse
Tried to tell Vernie that I forgot about him ’cause he still in the zoo
Could’ve been came around, I was in therapy, weren’t tryna throw my mood
Like I don’t wanna f**k with you bro momma, I’m just thinkin’ it through
I f**ked one time, I told .. a dub ’cause I think it’s cool
A lot of people really tried to say they hate me, s**t, I hate you too, uh

I send money to jail, I send money for funeral
Even though they goin’ to hell for all them n**gas they killed
You know I’m part of my brother’nem forever ever, ever, I’m goin’ to hell
You know I’m part of my brother’nem, I’m never ever, ever gon’ tell
Like why I’ma have a baby on my b**ch, I’m different, I’m not crazy
Me and brodie died ’cause he beat up a goofy, man this s**t nothin’ ’bout Asians
Why you praisin’ n**gas who told on brodie and them Man, you n**gas too crazy
A thing died, a n**ga died, another n**ga died, we thangin’

You the same n**ga told me your block ain’t s**t, them boys fugazi
When you think about, you the same n**ga, ain’t shoot s**t, you n**gas is crazy
When I’m in the ‘Raq, if I ain’t goin’ to Tay Town, n**ga, I’ma slide on Damon
What you doin’ in the trenches, brodie, they want you dead, and they know that you famous

More the time I get on my knees, I pray to Allah
Forgive me for the s**t that I did
Let me get closer to my kid
Can you protect all my friends
They scared to come outside
And we ain’t, I know we ain’t scared
I know we did
Scared to come outside…

➤ Written by Lil Durk & Chopsquad DJ
Album: Almost Healed
Produced by Chopsquad DJ
Lil Durk | 2023

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