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Lyrics Chiraq Demons – Lil Durk feat. G Herbo

Yeah, yeah
I’m here No Auto Durk, s**t is on motherf**kin’ roll
Real Chiraq Demons, you dig
Gang, gang

PTSD I’ll be off the drugs in the day
Gotta watch out for my dawg
They tryna get me out the way
I can’t be around my felons
‘Cause I got a pending case
Got my dawg a full one ninety
And I dropped him off a cake


I need like ninety in the face
The one that died he had like ninety to his face
I can’t talk ’bout how he died
‘Cause they gon’ build another case

See what’s the name here
He came back then he rich
Every counter lit
I buy Audemars
I don’t be focused all the time
‘Cause I buy all the cars
I buy all the guns
Herb got all the ones
Ain’t no G-Fazos the opps
Buy all the lady wants

I know God gon’ keep me safe, I got my gun when I pray
We just found out where he stay, can’t haνe no fun we gon’ play
It ain’t nothin’ but six shots but I had a run with the A
Ain’t nothin’ less than thirty shots, when I got my son, I can’t play
He just caught five uptown, now his body numb, gon’ slay
Lil’ bro got a n**ga leavin’ out the club, gon’ blaze
Chiraq demons, you can’t save us
C0caine, guns, that’s what raised us
I told Durk, them n**ga .. out the way, quick on blamin’ us

All my n**gas sellin’ .., we not ’bout half of pounds
Got the rack inside the sut but we gon’ rob the out of town
Four-five in my crib, .. has searched my crib, he never found
Lil’ boy he better graduate before this draco count me down
I f**ked half the strippers, I was f**kers Ubers baby mama
I might pull out quick and bust up on they face, ain’t use a condom
Used to call the folks a snake now he a snake, anaconda
Everytime you look up all the opps be dead, every summer


Every summer, yeah, yeah
Every summer, yeah, yeah
Every summer..

We gon’ answer with two hunnid shots, every summer
Lil’ foe nem be actin’ wild now ’cause we got brick comin’
And I know a n**ga tellin’ everytime the fed comin’
Would’ve never got your mans, you wasn’t in that cell, nothin’
He a opp that know from the ‘Gram, call him ..
My lil’ homie just did some bad s**t, he gettin’ dress cutted
.. some work in my block plottin’ on ’em, yeah they trunkin’ ’em
Top shots, he pop out .. on an extended ..
Over ’em, boy you ain’t no savage, I don’t f**k with ’em
I just saw the opps with all my chains, I ain’t tuckin’ ’em
And I walk right past ’em in the club ’cause I was clutchin’ ’em
Lil Durk got a fifty, I got fifty, it’s a buckle nem

Every summer, yeah, yeah
Every summer, yeah, yeah
Every summer…

➤ Written by Lil Durk , G Herbo
Album: No Auto Durk
Lil Durk | G Herbo | 2020

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