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Lyrics Denied in UK – Lil Durk

If you know me like you know me
I can’t get tired of thugging
I choose you over any b**ch
And I can’t deny it in public

And I can’t deny the way I feel
That’s why I can’t hide the struggle
Felt like I was locked up in immigration
When I got denied in London


When I took a trip to the UK
I was thinkin’ ’bout us
How I was gon’ flip them euros
To US dollars to get you a truck
And you ain’t gotta worry about none of these h*es
‘Cause I ain’t scared to say I’m stuck
And I ain’t gotta clear up none of these rumors
‘Cause you got my trust

And I like the way your body is
You ain’t gotta get s**t tucked
Sneak a nut inside while you ain’t lookin’
I tell you the condom bust
We keepin’ the personal business off the internet
That’s why they onto us
I want your heart while being real with you
Not none of that designer stuff

Denied in the UK
Got denied in the UK
Got denied in UK
Got denied in the UK

Walk around the crib
With your panties on and your toes out
I told her that she doing somethin’ right
When when she in these h*es’ mouth
They tried to get her post some lingerie
Can’t pay her no amount
I post Atlanta tour, in sixty seconds
That s**t was sold out


My cameraman got locked up for some weed
Some s**t he ain’t know about
They told him to knock when you wanna talk
He went to sleep snorin’ loud
I asked ’em how long we got left
They say it’s gon’ be awhile
I’m tryna turn up, I’m tryna go crazy
And see the crowd

Got denied in the UK
Got denied in UK
Got denied in the UK
Got denied in UK…

➤ Written by Maliki Decampos & Lil Durk
Album: Just Cause Y’all Waited 2
Produced by DJ FMCT
Lil Durk | 2020

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