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Lyrics Computer Murderers – Lil Durk

Check on your mans, I heard he got hit in his head
But he almost died so I can say his name ’cause he ain’t dead
How you let a n**ga vouch for you who just got out the feds
Sneaking pics by Von mural-like lil’ bro won’t come out and spin
He ain’t heard of .. so he ain’t count, I still’ll give him ten
I got h*es I call my sisters, f**kin’ opps, them h*es dead
I don’t let ’em play with Varney, I’m still waitin’ on my chance
If Varney say a n**ga dead then the n**ga dead

Lil’ bro you can hop in here, this b**ch a hot car
They like, Bro, it’s Nuk, nah, it’s Smurk, n**ga
You can’t play no games, you play with other n**gas, nah, nah
You ain’t from my block if you ain’t know Tayski, Budda and Chop
Man, what

Yeah, yeah
Pass my pills, n**ga
Finna act crazy in this b**ch, hold on
Watch this, ayy, watch this

Bro ‘nem in that Track’, they doin’ ninety down the schools zone
Mama say I’m trippin’, I’m with my n**gas like a group home
Ain’t get ’em mad, I’m tryna rob ’em, call my boo phone
B**ch, I’m from the trenches, you gotta f**k me to my new song

Mmm, I don’t mention dead opps
If he really did it, he ain’t gon’ say it ’cause the feds hot
Bro, I told your a*s, I want his head, I don’t want no leg shot
Breakfast time, they get on n**gas early, want them eggs hot

Headshot, headshot, headshot
Headshot, headshot
Uh-uh, headshot, headshot, headshot
Headshot, headshot, headshot 
Headshot, headshot, headshot
Come here
Speed off, hold on, bro, I think he still breathin’
Lamp on n**gas late night, she think I’m still cheatin’
Headshot for every block, we still grievin’
You wasn’t around when he died, your b**ch a*s still cheatin’

Headshot, headshot, headshot..
Y’all can have the internet
Ain’t stuntin’ none of y’all p**sy ass
Y’all can have the internet…

➤ Written by TrillBans, TouchofTrent & Lil Durk
Album: 7220
Produced by TrillBans & TouchofTrent
Lil Durk | 2022

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