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Lyrics Pop Out – Lil Baby, Nardo Wick

Under 30, made the Forbes list, I’m a walking script, record me
This a .30 and a .40, switch make it hit fast as hell
B**ch told me she pray for me, told her pray for brodienem in the cell
I don’t got no stylist, Marni shoes and pants, I’m fresh as hell
Yes I know what happened, I ain’t no rat, so I ain’t gon’ never tell
You can follow Baby, won’t lead you wrong, bro, I ain’t gon’ never fail you
Big was tryna show me the right way to go, I was so rebellious
Whatever they doin’ don’t bother me, bro I’m oh so careless

You the type of guy that want the I for real, you all so selfish
I’m the type of guy ready to die for this s**t if it gon’ prevail us
I can’t slip, look at this s**t I’ve built, I know they tryna nail us
Give her two or three thousand off the rip, she said she want her nails done

Cuban links on just because, this s**t really from the mud
We handled the business like gentlemen, I can’t rock with thugs
Jeff can get ten M’s if he needed it, you know I rock with Thug
All my n**gas jack in the boxes, playin’, we poppin’ up
Pop up with them switches on, pop up with that s**t on
Pop up like my granny, call my granny, lot of chains on
I might pop up with your b**ch, later on I’ll send her home
I heard he heard I hit his b**ch, so he don’t like to hear my songs

She said Wick you made me sick, how when I’m your medicine
Ain’t gay, don’t go that way at all, but I love that n**ga Benjamin
Chop stick, grrt-bah-bah-bah-bah, keep that for the robber men
Foreign fabric, cars, and h*es, I’m the only thing American

I done stuffed a million in the duffle, smurf dollars blue color
Pull up big body Barbus trucks the new Hummers
Told me I lay the pipe right, I’m her new plumber
It’s hard to interact with people, I come from the jungle
We some animals in designer clothes and jewelry
How we got the same cars they drove in Fast and Furious
Why she ask me Do I love her, I said You can’t be serious
Cold-hearted, touch my chest and you gon’ burr

Super fast, I hit the gas, you hear her skrr-rr
Twenty-two, five, lil’ rico got him pure
I was standin’ on the block tryna get a rack to buy a Buick
Now I’m trim, Lamborghini Boy, I know you seen that Urus
If I ever run into your b**ch, your love life gon’ be ruined
Take a break, but ain’t gon’ never gonna stop, this s**t to be continued
From a traphouse, beatin’ down the doors to packin’ out the venue
When they catch him, they gon’ eat him up, I put him on the menu

Put piranhas on yo a*s, three, four hundred on your ass
Get the switch, she actin’ bad, like your mama on your ass
My first deal was worth a couple mil’, I still was sellin’ bags
Maggot b**ches trying to tackle me, I’m stiff armin’ they ass

Google said my net worth five mil’, I got that s**t in cash
Everyday my life go up and up, it’s hard for me to get mad
I’m established, I might pop out, Cactus Jack on like I’m Travis
They act happy, but as soon as you turn your back, they try to stab you
I done manifested this s**t, as soon as I see it I’m gonna grab it
I act humble, but you can go and check my numbers, I ain’t average
I be hearin’ s**t, but you old washed up n**gas, I be laughin’
You don’t hear nothing ’bout my young n**gas, cause they know to put on a mask

Yeah, pop out with a baddie with me
Pop up with Lil’ Danem with me
Pop up with that cannon on me
He can’t come, we banned lil’ homie…

➤ Written by Lil Baby, Nardo Wick, Trademark, ShortyyK & Eza
Album: It’s Only Me
Produced by Trademark, Eza & ShortyyK
Lil Baby | Nardo Wick | 2022

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