Lil Baby – In My Bag (Lyrics | Audio)

Lyrics “In My Bag” / Lil Baby

She in her feelings because we ain’t speaking
But she don’t even call a n**ga
She gon’ get nasty whenever I see her
She tryna suck all of it, n**ga
Heard you been doing business with the opps
F**k you and all them n**gas
We gon’ keep riding around with them Glocks
Until we find them n**gas

They thinkin’ I lost it, remind them n**gas
I can get flyer than n**gas
100 thousand in a Gucci book bag
They thinkin’ I signed them n**gas
I’m living my life up
This Rollie I got on don’t tick-tock
Still on that bulls**t
If you pull up on me, let the sticks out

I’m in L.A. with the vibes, they in the cut getting high
She tryna get in my ride, she tryna turn up tonight, yeah
I was running up cash, yeah
And I ran up a bag
And they starting to get mad, yeah
But I didn’t get mad, I just kept getting cash, yeah
And I’m in my bag, yeah
Now I’m in my bag, yeah

She wanna get with me, she know that I’m sticky
But I’m in my bag now
She wasn’t f**king with me
She didn’t come around, she wishing she had now
But I’m in my bag now
I’m in the bag, the Goyard to be exact
Three hunnid racks inside it, ain’t no cap
I could’ve bought a wraith today, yeah, yeah
I ran it up, they suppose to hate

I’m digging this lifestyle
Water drippin’ on me like I’m a faucet
The crew with me right now
You can play just proceed with caution
I popped the wrong pill now I’m nauseous
I need to get off this drank, it’s a problem
I took a Tesla and landed on Mars​
Lord please wake me up tomorrow
Louie V Tesla the bank
I wouldn’t even buss out the bank
She gonna suck me and thank…

➤ Produced by Quay Global
Album: Harder Than Ever
Lil Baby 2018

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