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Lyrics Betray – Light

I’ll begin by telling you
How life works
Seems you haven’t learned
All the basics my dear
You may sit down
And earn your right to speak
I won’t repeat myself

And here upon I sit
Wondering when my turn will come
And here upon the fog
That tints all my mornings
Takes more room
When you began your speech

I’ll throw my walls
You’ll endure my many falls
I would only let you know
How beautiful
You’ll look frowning
Towards injustice

You’ll say no more
I want you to move
Be the perfect view
I want to live
Are you worth enough
I want to see
Then I’ll use restraint
I want to betray

The way you look at me
Makes me sick
I want you to feel my pain
You push me to my deepest corners
See, you’ve used your time

Simple minded, I’ve been
Let me be the one that I want
You gave me the sudden kick to kill
Sudden kick to kill

Can’t you see…

➤ Written by Camille De Carvalho, Jeanne De Carvalho
Album: The Path
Light | 2023

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