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Lyrics Generation Fear – Levellers

I see you over there
Looking anxious, looking scared
Bolt your doors and lock your homes
Just wanna be left alone

Our streets and the young are so distant
We avoid them
Our neighbours, we try not to talk to them
They’re so different


It’s broken, you don’t care
It’s a fearful world out there
We stare and we belieνe
In generation fear
Your generation fear
Our generation fear
Your generation fear

.. their past year
Two points scored
They ruined our planet for profit
Was it worth it

It’s broken, you don’t care
It’s a f**ked up world out there
Fake news has got us all confused
In everything we do
We stare and we’re deceived
By generation fear
Your generation fear
Our generation fear
This generation fear…

➤ Written by Levellers
Album: Peace
Levellers | 2020


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