Les Elephants Bizarres – Skywalker (Lyrics & Video)

Lyrics “Skywalker” performed by Les Elephants Bizarres

Is there something I can chase
Like a drum and a bass
Like mice in a maze
Like a light

Got in a fire
You want light
One light

And the city lights
And you on my mind
I’m walking with no purpose
Drunk, broke and nervous
I got a knife in my soul
Can’t see my goal
This can not be right
Cause I lost sight
Cause I lost sight
I lost sight versuri.online

It’s a cosmic love
I’m a skywalker
You’re my star..②

I dream magically
I’m awake and loose..②


Couldn’t fool myself
Couldn’t hurt myself
So I got up
So I got up
So I got..

It’s a cosmic love
I’m a skywalker
You’re my star..④…

➤ Music Production: Enver Mamut
Lyrics: Stefan Matei
Mix & Master: Codrin Lazar (StartRec Studios)
Les Elephants Bizarres 2019

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