Leon Bridges – Georgia to Texas | Lyrics

Lyrics “Georgia to Texas” – Leon Bridges

504 black girl carried me
In her womb to the land of the peach
Her birthing pains brought me low
But she held me high on Peachtree road

Got my mother’s eyes and my father’s nose
Also got brother’s hand-me-down clothes
We had no green but the love was strong
It was all we’d need to get us along, get us along

Left ATL for the Texas way
We drove 20 East in my daddy’s ’88
I learned in school I didn’t measure up
I fell short of what true blackness was

Mama taught the righteous way
I set down that path but went astray
Paid for love on a crescent moon
In that Oklahoma motel room
Kyree taught me chords to strum
They got me through when I felt numb

504 black girl
504 black girl carried me
504 black girl, black girl

504 black girl carried me..③…

➤ Album: Good Thing
Leon Bridges 2018