Larry June, The Alchemist & Big Sean – Palisades, CA

Lyrics Palisades, CA – Larry June, The Alchemist & Big Sean

Thumbin’ through a whole ‘nother bag, it’s not the old one
Run up on this ‘Rari, I’m clickin’ until it’s over
Still I put the snow on the mission to Minnesota
Come on, you know the drill, hop in and hand it over
I’m drivin’ in the whip so fast I can’t control it
I’m fishtailin’ leavin’ Javier’s, I should’ve chauffeured
Choppin’ it up with Bryan ’bout real-estate by the ocean
A Seamoss juice, my b**ch brought me one from Oakland

Today I drove the Porsche with the automatic front limb
I spent a thousand dollars on candles, I’m at Saks Fifth
Tucked the, uh, in the gas tank, played the night shift
Get on a n**ga, headlight coofy for disrespectin’ it
I’m thinkin’ billions, cop another buildin’, new woop sicilian
Thinkin’ bigger, you thought I was coolin’, I was takin’ risks
Palisades, chillin’ in the shade, might take the Bent’
Bettin’ on myself, and every time, n**ga, it’s a hit

We off in the Palisades
Bettin’ on myself, every time, n**ga, it’s a hit
You know, we talkin’ armed guards, gated communities, man
Royal family type s**t, for real
Sean Don, ayy

Look, if you not gettin’ richer every year
Then you just backwards hustlin’
You movin’ off emotion, I’m strategizin’, discussin’ it
See, I been on my supplements
Fish oils, chlorophyll, Motives
My hair growin’ out and h0es lovin’ it
Some people can’t piece life together, it’s really puzzlin’
Talkin’ ’bout Trust me, I got you, but I’m not trustin’ it
Commercial real-estate by The Fox, yeah, they constructin it
Business flowin’ like the symphony orchestra, I’m conductin’ it

I crack my knuckles, and I’m back to new
I had to cop a b**ch, we not compatible
Team on the line, yeah, the love is all lateral
You can not practice for s**t that’s not practical
F**k with the tactics, this s**t can get tactical
F**k with the rations, this s**t get irrational
I can not talk to you, just like them h0es when they mad at you
I overwork and do s**t I don’t have to do
Stumble and stack the due
Dodge all the bullets and dodge all the daggers too
Workin’ these b**ches and blessing them
So long .. I might as well take a sabbatical
I tell the truth like a polygraph in a room full
Like these rappers do when they pleain’ in front of the judge
‘Cause they feel like they havin’ to
Judicial system is not a system, it’s a trap for you n**ga

It’s our season, yeah, Larry June
Sean, when you dropping very soon
I get to transformin’ under every moon
When they bury me, they gotta bury tombs
I’m just one kid in, I can’t be lettin’ my seed all off in every womb
When you see me out just know
I’m the richest, rawest, rarest n**ga off in every room
Yeah, Al what up

Bettin’ on myself, and every time, n**ga, it’s a hit
Bettin’ on myself, and every time, n**ga, it’s a hit
Ay, this might be the motherf**kin’ greatest escape…

➤ Written by Larry June, Big Sean & The Alchemist
Album: The Great Escape
Produced by The Alchemist
Larry June | The Alchemist | Big Sean | 2023

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